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So, James Franco Is Already Filming Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Child Of God’ With Tim Blake Nelson Starring

So, James Franco Is Already Filming Cormac McCarthy's 'Child Of God' With Tim Blake Nelson Starring

If you recall, during TIFF James Franco revealed, that his plans for a Scott Rudin-produced adapatation of “Blood Meridian” were on hold (more on that in a second). He had shot some test footage at the end of 2010 for the film with Mark Pellegrino, Scott Glenn, Dave Franco and Luke Perry but it appears that’s about as far is got. However, the multi-tasking thesp was still intent to adapt something by Cormac McCarthy and said he planned to make a film out of “Child Of God.” Who knew less than six months later that it would be happening.

But apparently it is as Showbiz 411 (via The Film Stage) reports that Franco has dished to the site that he’s currently lensing “Child Of God” in West Virginia with Tim Blake Nelson joining him in the cast. No word on which one is taking the role of Lester Ballard, the violent man who lives in exile outside society, dabbling in crime, necrophilia and pedophilia. Nor is it clear if this is another case of Franco shooting test footage or if it’s full fledged production (you might remember, he’s also shot tests for an adaptation of William Faulkner‘s “As I Lay Dying“).

Either way McCarthy is an itch Franco has been eager to scratch, but the long awaited adaptation of “Blood Meridian” is apparently out of his hands. Showbiz 411 says “he and producer Scott Rudin fell out on a number of projects” leading to that book being canned, at least with Franco in the director’s chair, leaving him to join Ridley Scott (who is now attached to the McCarthy penned script “The Counselor“), John Hillcoat and Todd Field as those who have tried and failed to get that movie off the ground.

So we’ll have to wait and see how this all pans out, but it seems Franco isn’t wasting a moment in getting a movie moving based on something/anything by McCarthy.

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blood meridian would be perfect for a 24 episode hbo series


They're filming at this very moment. I drove by where they're filming just 30 minutes ago, in Ronceverte, WV. Its a scene in front of an old church. They had period cars parked in front, and a group of people on the front steps. I couldnt really see a whole lot though, they've got the whole block blocked off.

Robert Westermeyer

I was hoping Franco would lose Blood Meridian. That masterpiece should be in the hands of those who could actually handle not only the genre but what would require more than just deconstruction of the novel. The Coen brothers could do it, I believe. Hillcoat maybe too. Plus, with the latter, nick cave would probably be on board for the score!


Yo, Delmar would make a perfect Lester Ballard. Dumb, innocent and Evil…………..

Alexander Iwanow

Scott Haze also played "Lukas" in 2008's COP DOG, reviewed by Old Man Plinkett at Red Letter Media. =)


Tim Blake Nelson is awesome, at least according to his Leaves of Grass.


Scott Haze is playing the lead role of Lester Ballard, the film also stars Jim Parrack amoung others


I hope Tim Blake Nelson is playing Lester Ballard. Would be incredible.


i still have daydreams about a Todd Field helmed "Blood Meridian".

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