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So, Kanye West Might Be Making A Short Film In The Middle East Now

So, Kanye West Might Be Making A Short Film In The Middle East Now

It’s easy to poke fun at Kanye West…No, seriously, it’s easy to poke fun at Kanye West, and it’s also pretty fun to poke fun at Kanye West, so we’re going to go ahead and do it. Seemingly throwing into doubt his potential role as the creative director of a “The Jetsons” movie, ‘Ye (is that really what people call him?) is reportedly planning to make a 30 minute short art film somewhere in the Gulf. Admittedly, this may be a fairly crushing blow for anybody on the edge of their seats about whether George Jetson would don a pair of Kanye’s shutter glasses — now we may never know.

According to the New York Observer (via Vulture) “his reps seem genuinely enthusiastic about creating a piece which highlights culture accurately” and that “Kanye is looking to bridge the cultural divide and break misconceptions.” They add that, “‘Ye is also apparently interested in using local talent, or, more specifically, ‘flashy’ Sheikhs.” Seriously. Now tell me you’re not excited for this project. Kanye and his flashy Sheikhs are gonna change the world y’all.

An unconfirmed rumor surrounding the project is that it was inspired when West saw Kathryn Bigelow‘s “The Hurt Locker” and was surprised when it eventually went on the pick up the Oscar for Best Picture. He was really happy for her, but right then he knew that he would make one of the best movies to be set in the Middle East of all time.

Okay, joking aside now, who knows whether this will be any good or not. While we covered it a while back, this writer has to admit he never saw Kanye’s “Runaway,” but some people think that it’s pretty good, right? (See for yourself below). The problem with Kanye is that he regularly produces work which require a great deal of creative talent but also regularly comes across as an idiot with an over-inflated sense of self-importance. So we guess we’ll keep our eye on Kanye’s short film project, but we won’t be holding our collective breath.

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He is a superstar living large, like a superstar should. You'd have to have ice water in your veins to not love him.


This is like an article about a future Roman Polanski that only focuses on the fact that he once molested a child. It's the art that's important, not the people, and Kanye is an amazing artist (when it comes to music at least, film is still pending).


the fact that kanye is a douche almost makes me like him more. think of charlie sheen's erratic and odd behavior last year. its refreshing to see celebrities embrace the fact that they're all assholes and the fact that we care how they react is a statement on how ludicrous it is for us to even treat them like royalty (and its ludicrous to treaty royalty like royalty btw…middleton can go——). its almost refreshingly honest in a way? lol

anyway, a film from kanye will be something worth watching. runaway possibly lacked substance but it had breathtaking style. much like most of the films indiewire covers anyway…lol


thanks for this enlightening article about how you think Kanye West is an idiot. Truly wonderful writing. Maybe later on you can drop that 5000 word condemnation of Paris Hilton's acting career, you groundbreaker, you!

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