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Spike Lee Says “Red Hook Summer” Will Be Released In August; But Via What Distribution Company?

Spike Lee Says "Red Hook Summer" Will Be Released In August; But Via What Distribution Company?

He’s already said that the film will be released this summer (2012), but I think this must be the first time I’ve actually heard/read him narrow it down to a specific month. 

Minutes ago, Spike Lee replied to a question from a follower on Tweeter, asking him when Red Hook Summer would be released; Spike replied as you can see in the image at the bottom of this post.

As far I as know the film has yet to be picked up by a distributor; certainly nothing’s been reported. 

Spike could very well have something in development that we don’t know anything about, and that will be made public soon enough. Maybe he’s in negotiations with a distribution company; maybe he plans to self-distribute it, after all, as he said in a previous interview, he didn’t go to Hollywood to help finance the film because he wanted to essentially maintain full control of it, and not have to make compromises on story, characters, etc. So he could very well be continuing with that independent spirit, and will release the film on his own, maybe through some kind of service deal, or taking advantage of AMC’s indie solution that’s available to just about anyone; I should mention that AFFRM’s films have been released exclusively in AMC theaters – early in their releases anyway – via this indie initiative.

Maybe Red Hook Summer will be an AFFRM 2012 release! Yes, why not? The spirit in which Spike made Red Hook Summer is very much a reflection of AFFRM’s mission of self-empowerment.

A Spike Lee AFFRM pairing would be a coup. 

So I’m calling it here first! AFFRM acquires Red Hook Summer for a summer 2012 release; and no, I don’t have any “inside info.” This is all just speculation on my part; so don’t go spreading rumors that I said Red Hook Summer will be released by AFFRM.

But whatever’s in the works for the release of the film, Spike appears quite certain that not only will it be released this summer, but in the month of August.

Stay tuned…

I saw the film at the Sundance Film Festival last month, where it premiered; and if you haven’t read my reactions to it, do so HERE.

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And my last point , I am so proud that a majority Black crowd showed up in New York Time Sq to do a flash mob as a tribute to Don and put it out there that his impact was huge, that same amount of Black folk could turn Hollywood on it's ear if we got together like that and produced screenplays and films of quality in those same numbers. Just think if that many people of color went to the keyboard and typed out screenplays and we got them out there, even if 6 of them got produced it's a victory. Am I asking too much.



Well my offer still stands, I am an awesome and talented writer, and I still offer to write any screenplay that you will go and get produced for free all I ask for is writers credit. I have had this offer out there for a year. The folks who responded are the Latino community and I writing one for that offer, as they responded overwhelmingly. So Black folks state that they want to move ahead, I have had not one even check me out, but the Latino community hit me up big time so much I had to curtail the offer cause they took full advantage of it. And here's the thing, I have two other writers that would work with me if the response got huge. They laugh cause they bet me no Black person would respond, I am shocked cause I emotionally stated, naw not my people, but I see what Harry Belafonte was speaking about, we need to work together with all the talent we have in the Black community that there are no more excuse why we can't create out own situations if we do just that. I am happy you came at me like that, stay angry but do something about it even if you don't, all I can say is that cause tomorrow as well as today I will be working with the same huge group of Latino Producers who have three films slated to hit theaters soon and why cause they are about moving forward. I wish just once I could be wrong and have some one say hey lets do this!


Nobody is going to see this mess of a film so why waist money putting in theaters. I see this film making less then She Hate Me.

Ronna W

AFFRM is not just in AMC's. I seen in at west end theater in DMV two times.


it would be great if it was released through AFFRM then a smidgen of faith in Black folk working together to get things moving would would be restored, cause right now Black folk are just do nothing , AFFRM is awesome and we should support it like it's our last deep breath on earth cause it's about giving daylight to Black film. I plan to march right to them with any project I have!!!!

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