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TBS Orders 35 New Episodes Of Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” (The #1 Show On TV Among Black Adults)

TBS Orders 35 New Episodes Of Tyler Perry's "For Better or Worse" (The #1 Show On TV Among Black Adults)

TBS has ordered 35 new episodes of Tyler Perry’s latest sitcom, For Better Or Worse, the ensemble comedy based on characters from his Why Did I Get Married? flicks, starring Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White.

I’m not certain how many additional seasons that will be; the series premiered in November with a 10-episode season. But TBS doesn’t say exactly how this new order of 35 episodes will be spread out.

Regardless, another season (at least) of the show is coming, beginning this summer.

Some stats worth noting according to Deadline: For Better Or Worse ranked as basic cable’s No.1 sitcom of 2011, AND the No.1 show on all of television amongst African-American adults.

I’ll let that sit with you for a minute :)

So as much as many of us we’re not watching, obviously a lot of us are! I’m not, but somebody certainly is.

The TP money machine keeps on churning…

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The Angela and Marcus dynamic worked well for Why Did I Get Married. They both provided comic relief and served as catalysts to push the storyline forward at a fast pace. In Why Did I Get Married Too, either the writer or director went overboard on their character portrayals turning Angela's character from a hot-tempered, passionate, intelligent businesswoman who cared about her friends into a simple-minded, shrieking lunatic who recklessly waves a gun in the air and doesn't know what a text message is. Very disappointing. I hope the television show is closer to the Angela and Marcus of the original movie.


Um, ok. I tried watching this once and so did my mother who watches Tyler's other TV shows regularly and we both thought it sucked. I mean I thought it was basically on par with his other shows, but for my mom to say it wasn't good was more surprising.


My friends and family love Tyler Perry and love this show. When asked why, they usually respond, 'Its real, this is what happens, that's real life.' OK, SOME couples can relate to this behavior, but its DYSFUNCTIONAL. What it is about Black folks that we want to tune in every Friday night for a sitcom or drama that features this dysfunctional behavior regularly? Taylor Armstrong from Housewives of Beverly Hills was on Wendy talking about the physical abuse in her marriage and growing up with it her family. She talked about how as a child she pulled her father off of her mother as he screamed at her and hit her. Emotional and physical abuse happens in all races and communities, but for whatever reasons Black people love watching it play out in our cultural outlets over and over again and WALLOW in it.


Of course its good to see this issue discussed in the media and watching it movies and TV can be cathartic. But I think for us it has the opposite effect. I feel like we've NORMALIZED and mainstreamed this behavior in our community. It's an endless cycle , watching it on TV, living it out. But then again maybe this dysfunction is more common in our community and too many of us can relate to this so we want to watch. But its still not healthy to watch and consume this material over and over again. Ultimately, Tyler Perry could just be a reflection of our culture and community, and this image is a hard pill for some of us to swallow.


The first time I tried to watch the show I didn't make it past the first 20mins. Then I read somewhere it was getting better so I tried again this was probably around ep.4 or 5 and I mean I was cringing it was so bad, I thought it had been cancelled when I hadn't seen any ads for it…silly me.

get these nets

give the people what they want when they want it and they wants it all the time!!



$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Do your thing Mr.Perry

Looks like you will have two hit tv shows and 4 hit movies this year. You are the money man.

Miles Ellison

So where is the sophisticated black audience that is thirsting for all this un-produced and un-greenlighted progressive black entertainment? If this audience actually existed, I would think we wouldn't be seeing 35 episode orders for Tyler Perry's new millennium minstrel trash.

Gyfted Artyst

Good for him! He has come a long way!


Un-effing-believable. This has got to the worst tv drama I've EVER seen. I mean, I actually gave it a chance, sat through about 4 or 5 episodes and simply couldn't believe the utter sh*t I was witnessing. This show made me officially despise Tyler Perry: he doesn't even TRY to do quality, thoughtful, responsible work. The constant spousal abuse (and the crass glamorization of it) in this show is simply irresponsible, not to mention that the show offers about the most painfully disrespectful caricature of black femininity I've seen in any of his films. Even for Tyler Perry, this show is terrible, and that speaks VOLUMES. This is the #1 show amongst black adults? For reals, ya'll? (No, I can't make myself believe it. That's effed up on a level I can't even begin to describe. I think I just lost faith in us, black people.) Just wow.


This is unbelievable. I'm no Tyler Perry hater but this show is awful. Just awful. I'm beginning to think Tyler is secretly the majority owner of TBS. Unbelievable.


Wow, people watch anything nowadays and consider all things good… SMH.


TP is about to have one hell of a year. Good for you sir.

Geoff Simons

I want Black Dynamite 2.

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