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“The Highwaymen” – Fine Art As An Escape From Jim Crow South Hard Labor (Fundraising)

"The Highwaymen" - Fine Art As An Escape From Jim Crow South Hard Labor (Fundraising)

This looks very much a worthwhile project to invest in. 

Read the description below, watch the video pitch underneath that, and if you’re intrigued, give via Kickstarter:

TWENTY-SIX AFRICAN AMERICAN LANDSCAPE ARTISTS were inducted into the Florida Artist’s Hall of Fame by Secretary of State Glenda Hood in 2004. It was truly an incredible, historic moment. Just 50 years earlier, these same men (and one woman) could barely scrape together enough money to afford art supplies let alone be taken seriously by collectors and gallery owners. Yet, through their perseverance and talents, they were able to define themselves against the many racial and cultural barriers of the 1950s and 60s Jim Crow south. The Highwaymen story is an artistic journey filled with trials, tribulation, tragedy and triumph. But it is also a story about having a goal and believing in yourself no matter who or what may be standing in your way. It is a film anyone with a dream should watch – its’ inspirational message ringing loud and clear: “DON’T EVER GIVE UP!”

Here’s the teaser trailer:

Here’s the video pitch:

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I would be interested to see this film and see how and if it compares to the 2 documentaries about the Highwaymen (and women). One is “The Florida Highwaymen: Legends of the Road”. You can see it at Not sure if it's the whole film or not, but it will give you a better insight about the artists. The other documentary is “The Highwaymen: Florida’s Outside Artists”. I think this one is only available on DVD. These artists have a large following of art collectors who only collect original pieces from the original artists. These are some amazing, unrecognized artists.


This is great! A co-worker in my office used to tell me about the highway men because he has a friend who was a “highway man”…I researched that story months back. I remember telling him jokingly that it should be made into a film.

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