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The Vow—movie review

The Vow—movie review

The Vow was inspired by a news item that one of the producers read twelve years ago about a woman who, after an accident, had no memory of her husband. What a shame that the finished product—which comes after numerous attempts to create an effective screenplay over the past decade—is so lackluster. Whatever appeal it may have as a romantic drama derives from the casting of its stars; at least Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum make an attractive and believable couple.

We learn how they met and fell in love, how she’s pursuing a career as a sculptor in Chicago while he has opened a recording studio. They live in a very cool industrial-neighborhood space. Then, when tragedy hits, we meet her estranged parents, played by Jessica Lange and Sam Neill, who seize on her amnesia to reclaim their little girl.

The handful of screenwriters who are credited with The Vow are all too ready to fall back on tired movie clichés. Director Michael Sucsy can’t bring anything new to this shopworn material, and what’s worse, the film becomes downright dull. All that’s left is for us to admire the two good-looking actors, which is better than nothing—but not enough to validate this mediocre picture.

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I'm waiting patiently for March to roll around so I can start watching films in the theaters again.

Kevin Deany

I'd rather re-watch "Random Harvest."


It could have been great….


I am a fan of romantic genres and this one was pretty lame. McAdams talent was wasted in it; many of the staff for "The Vow"contributed to "Mona Lisa Smile" so they were capable of making this a great film. So to me there was no excuse for why this one was bad.


This film will bring tears to your eyes, literally…if they still had "Smell-o-Vision" the car scene with the gas release, would bring tears to your eyes, although, so would paying for this "stinker" and not being able to sit though it…I'm sure not going to see it, would make a "great" Valentines Day present…


I'd love to meet the writer who wrote the scene with the couple of their first date. McAdams looks at Tatum , asks "Did you fart?"and then rolls UP the window to demonstrate her affection.
Hard to believe anyone wrote it, but harder to believe anyone actually filmed it.

Brian Marshall

Personally, I hope this gets a BOMB rating or at least *1/2 in the next Maltin's Movie Guide. I hate romantic slop like this because they can never avoid the stupid sappy cliches. Yet people love to eat sugar-coated glop like this, so watch it become number 1 at the box office this weekend. I still hope it gets a BOMB rating.

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