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‘Titanic’ Soundtrack Getting Massive 4-Disc Edition; Kate Winslet Kind Of Freaking Out Over 3D Re-Release

'Titanic' Soundtrack Getting Massive 4-Disc Edition; Kate Winslet Kind Of Freaking Out Over 3D Re-Release

It’s coming. One of the biggest movies of all time is getting ready to pulverize all over again as James Cameron‘s “Titanic” drops anchor this spring, on it’s slightly revised release date of April 6th and this time, it’s in 3D. Yeah, it’s the same movie you know and love (*spoiler* the boat still sinks), but it’s been beefed up for contemporary audiences who apparently need stuff to fly at their face to get their money’s worth. We would say it’s going to be an immersive experience, but that just sounds crass.

Anyway, to coincide with the new cash grab, the film’s 30 million copy, Oscar winning soundtrack is also getting a re-release and Digital Spy has unveiled the details of the this four-disc behemoth. Newly remastered, this set will now feature pretty much every piece of music James Horner created for the film along with an extra disc of music from the era, which isn’t the coaster you might expect. Featuring a really nice selection of vintage tunes, it’s one that’s gonna be definitely worth hanging onto and giving a spin. And yes, Celine Dion‘s song-that-shall-not-be-named is on here too.

With the re-release coming, the film’s two stars — who had their careers forever changed thanks to the movie — have been quiet on the subject, however USA Today (via Vulture) recently asked Kate Winslet about her thoughts on the movie coming back to theaters, and well, she’s a bit anxious. Saying that she’s “slightly freaked out” Winslet explained, “I’m sure I wasn’t really a very good actress. Seriously, we are talking about something that happened 15 years ago. It is a very long time ago. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve changed as a person so much since then. It is really quite weird. Can you imagine anything stranger? It’s going to be like famous all over again, ‘Titanic’ all over again!”

She’s seen seventeen minutes of the newly converted movie, and like anyone looking back over old photos, she was mortified. “I was literally like, ‘Oh my God, make it stop! Is that me? Oh my God, that’s me. Block my ears, somebody! Somebody club out my senses. Make it (expletive) stop!'” she said while adding, “And Leo looks so young and so skinny!”

Anyway, it’s gonna be a wild trip down memory lane. Soundtrack details below. It will hit store shelves on March 26th.

Disc One: Titanic – Music from the motion picture
1. Never an Absolution
2. Distant Memories
3. Southampton
4. Rose
5. Leaving Port
6. “Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch”
7. “Hard to Starboard”
8. Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave
9. The Sinking
10. Death of Titanic
11. A Promise Kept
12. A Life So Changed
13. An Ocean of Memories
14. My Heart Will Go On (performed by Celine Dion)
15. Hymn to the Sea

Disc Two: I Salonisti: Gentlemen, It Has Been a Privilege Playing with You Tonight
1. Valse Septembre
2. Marguerite Waltz
3. Wedding Dance
4. Poet and Peasant
5. Blue Danube
6. Song Without Words
7. Estudiantina
8. Vision of Salome
9. Titsy Bitsy Girl
10. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
11. Sphinx
12. Barcarole
13. Orpheus
14. Song of Autumn
15. Nearer My God to Thee

Disc Three: Back To Titanic
1. Titanic Suite
2. An Irish Party In Third Class (performed by Gaelic Storm)
3. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (performed by I Salonisti)
4. The Portrait
5. Jack Dawson’s Luck
6. A Building Panic
7. Nearer My God to Thee (performed by I Salonisti)
8. Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine (performed by Máire Brennan)
9. Lament
10. A Shore Never Reached
11. My Heart Will Go On – with dialogue from the film (performed by Celine Dion)
12. Epilogue: The Deep And Timeless Sea

Disc Four: Popular Music from the Titanic Era
1. It’s a Long Way to Tipperary (John McCormack)
2. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Halfway House Dance Orchestra)
3. Vilia (Guy Lombardo & His Orchestra)
4. My Gal Sal (Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers)
5. Oh! You Beautiful Doll (Chuck Foster & His Orchestra)
6. Martha (Adrian Rollinoi Trio)
7. In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra)
8. Waiting at the Church (Beatrice Kay)
9. Frasquita Serenade (John Kirby & His Orchestra)
10. Shine On, Harvest Moon (Hal Kemp)
11. From the Land of the Sky Blue Water (Mildred Bailey & Her Orchestra)
12. Loch Lomond (Maxine Sullivan & Her Orchestra)
13. A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (Miff Mole’s Molers)

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I was excited to finally see they would be releasing a 4 disc set to realize it is garbage! What the fans want is a complete score not what this 4 disc set is going to be! for god sakes man, If we were interested in the 4 disc set chances are we already own 2 out of the 4! Get it right and release the complete score!


"Leo looks so young and so skinny" Yes, he looked 12 when this movie first came out. He looks 8 now. I just saw it in 3D on Tuesday. It's amazing. I love this film so freaking much.


Actually this release is very disappointing. It just combines the 2 commercial discs from 1997/98 with 2 discs of period music.

There's a great deal of Horner's score that was never released, including the entire final sequence. There is no new music from the actual film on these discs, and most of the "Back To Titanic" disc was actually new material Horner wrote "inspired by the film" and recorded long after its release. Only three or four of the tracks were actually score not on the first disc.

A proper label would have released the actual score, but Sony has just repackaged existing stuff with minimal effort. Sigh:(


I thought Winslet's concern was going to be about her bare breasts being re-released in 3D.


And now: "Oh my God, make it stop! … Block my ears, somebody! Somebody club out my senses. Make it (expletive) stop!" will forever be the promotional pull quote.

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