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Top Grossing Women Centric Films of 2011

Top Grossing Women Centric Films of 2011

When I read that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo crossed the $100 million mark, it reminded me to take a look at how women centric films did last year.

One film — Twilight- Breaking Dawn is in the top 10.  It comes in at #3 with $280 million.

Three films — Bridesmaids and The Help are in the top 20.  They come in at 13 and 14 each grossing appox $169 million.

Twelve Films — Bad Teacher #28; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo #30; Soul Surfer #71; Hanna #74; Something Borrowed #75; Red Riding Hood #79; The Roommate #82; Colombiana #87; Sucker Punch #88.

12 films out of 100.  Pretty sucky stat.

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Wow. Dead silence. Well since no one has any opinions here is mine and I will toss it out as a place to start. I propose that films be given points in different categories to decide if the are "woman centric" or "women's content". Lets give the films one point if the story is written by a woman. One point if the costumes or make up, because so often women characters don't have costumes and are nude, are created by a woman. One point if the camera work is done by a woman. One point if the editing is done by a woman. One point if the screen play is written by a woman…… Then lets give one point if more than 65% of the audience is female. OK we add up the point value of a film and that determines if it is a "woman centric" film. If the film does not have an acceptable score it is just another malecentric POS regardless of whether it has a woman in it.


OK so I am assuming that the audience for both "Sucker Punch" and "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" was male. We need to establish a relevant definition for Woman Centric movies or media. Because "Women's Content" is not whatever the men in charge say it is. I would propose that "Women's Content" is "content women consumers will pay to consume". If women don't watch it, it isn't "Women's Content", I know that is a radical idea. Also if a story is written, cast, costumed, directed, filmed, and edited by men, it is not a woman's story even it the main character has female body parts and even if they are prominently displayed in "lingerie inspired costumes" . And does this need saying? Yes it probably does, Gay men are not women and do not put forth a female point of view, Gay men are men.


But what is a woman centric film? Does that mean the story is about a woman character or that the studios thought these were films a female audience would watch or that a primarily female audience paid to see them. Because I have a hard time believing women and girls were the primary audience for Sucker Punch a movie about how a bunch of girls who wear lingerie inspired costumes find strength through violent sexual assault and then kick ass on the world. Same with Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a woman finds power through violent sexual assault and then spends a large portion of the movie nude or kicking ass. Somehow these "female centric" movies have a male stench about them. So what percentage of their audience was female?

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