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Trailer Watch For The Romantic Drama “The Good Life” Starring Tangi Miller, Mari Morrow…

Trailer Watch For The Romantic Drama "The Good Life" Starring Tangi Miller, Mari Morrow...

Here’s the just-released trailer for the Chicago-made romantic drama The Good Life, directed by Chicago-based fillmaker Christopher Nolen (not the be confused with The Dark Knight’s Christopher Nolan) who also wrote the script, with his sister Melinda.

The film, produced by Chicago filmmaker Mark Harris (Black Butterfly and founder of the Englewood Film Festival), features both Chicago and Hollywood talent, including Tangi Miller, Richard Gallion, Maya Gilbert, Christian Keyes and Mari Morrow.

The film chronicles the troubled marriage of Jacques and Marianne when fractures begin to appear in their relationship threatening to rip it apart. Jacques begins to make moves as an entreprenuer while Marianne starts feeling her own pressure to succeed and, as a result, they both wind up “sacrificing their vows and risk losing their marriage to accomplish their selfish goals.”

The film will be ready for release this spring; here is the trailer:

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MF Kreps

Loved the film. Yes, her hair did need some work. Maybe it was intentional, because after she got her life together, she got her hair together too. This film is an unfortunate reality! I would like the filmmaker to contact me about a possible project.

Movie Critic

This looks like a interesting movie!!! I can't wait to see how the plot plays out on the screen. It almost looks too real. I'm sure it's because of the talented cast and not because you know my neighbors. Lol. Can't wait for the screening in the Atlanta.


that my brother


I think it will be a great movie…can't wait to see it. Will the cast be at the private screening?

LegenDeri Tyton

This looks good… and I can't wait to see Chris' new project, thoroughly enjoyed his last one, Subtle Seduction. Keep doing your thang Bro!


Tangi is smart and savvy when it comes to this industry. She's made moves all over the industry as a producer so I know we'll continue to see more of her work. I'm so glad to see both her and Christian Keyes alongside some of our great Chicago talent!


I've loved Tangi Miller since her stint on "Felicity." I wish her career had taken off. Why couldn't J.J. Abrams been fonder of her and rewarded her with a role on another one of his projects?


Tangi Miller's acting is as convincing as her weaved-in hair — and sadly — disturbingly — she's probably the best thing in this hot mess of pottage. I usually avoid anything she's in — and don't see any reason to abandon such a soundly rewarding policy with this project. It looks terrible, an utter piece of crap. An urban turd. Why, why was it made? To appease Mighty RedBox, the straight-to-video god?! Jeeeez!

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