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Tyler Perry Says He Wants Diana Ross For Film Role

Tyler Perry Says He Wants Diana Ross For Film Role

Well you have to admit that it’s a much, much better idea than his casting of Kimmy Kakes in his upcoming film The Marriage Counselor. But Tyler Perry revealed this week that he wants to cast Diana Ross for an upcoming film project.

He said: I have the perfect role for her. (But) I haven’t shot that movie yet because I’m waiting for her to say yes…I just wish she would do it.”

Acccordng to him, the project is his long-ago-announced jazz movie project set in the 1940’s, and, in the film, Ross would play a jazz singer who runs a juke joint.

When and if she finally does say yes, it would be her first acting role since the 1999 TV movie Double Platinum.

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Diana is a very talented actress, but come on TP–haven't we seen enough of the yesteryear, jazzy juke joint settings? It might remind Diana too much of Lady Sings the Blues anyway.


In 2008, Miss Ross spoke to an audience as part of the Brilliant Lecture Series and she told them that she has no interest in making another film ever. Of course there the displeasure of hearing this statement was palpable but one got the sense that she was tired of the work involved to get a movie project from paper to production. When she accepted her Lifetime Achievement GRAMMY she talked about the changes in the music industry and the uphill battle for established artists such as herself to make a record. I imagine she's presented with the same challenges in the movie industry. Just a theory.


Gotta love Perry for living every black gay boys dream.


Come on, Diana. Sign on. It's been way too long and you aren't getting any younger girl.

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