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Tyler Perry Still Defending Casting Kimmy Kakes In His Movie

Tyler Perry Still Defending Casting Kimmy Kakes In His Movie

O.K. so it’s a slow news day so here’s Tyler Perry, while on a media interview to hype his upcoming Good Deeds, film with a ballless, sympathetic interviewer asking him some VERY softball questions, about his decision to cast Kim Kardashian in his upcoming film The Marriage Counselor.

You think Perry is going to say he realized that he made a horrible mistake and reshot all her footage with a real actress? NAH! Are you dreaming? Of course he defended her and his decision to cast her in the film and says that he’s shocked, just shocked about the all criticism he got. 

Actually I wish he would have been honest and said the truth that her casting was a blatent attempt to attract a younger audience but he miscalulated. (Maybe he should have gotten Rhianna)

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TP stop defending your casting choice, no matter what I may care or others, it's your film, it was already funded, it was all ready planned out with Lions Gate, they already extended your over all deal to make more films. Go ahead and do you. !!!!


My friends and family love Tyler Perry and LOVE this show. When asked why, they usually respond, "It's real, this is what happens…that's real life." OK, SOME couples can relate to this behavior, but its DYSFUNCTIONAL. What it is about Black folks that we want to tune in every Friday night for a sitcom or drama (?) that features this dysfunctional behavior regularly? Taylor Armstrong from Housewives of Beverly Hills was on Wendy, discussing the physical abuse in her marriage and growing up with it her family as well. She talked about how as a child she pulled her father off of her mother as he screamed at her and hit her. Emotional and physical abuse happens in all races and communities, but for whatever reasons Black people love watching it play out in our cultural outlets over and over again and WALLOW in it.


Of course its good to see this issue discussed in the media and watching it movies and TV can be cathartic. But I think for us it has the opposite effect. I feel like we've NORMALIZED and mainstreamed this behavior in our community. It's an endless cycle – watching it on TV, living it out.


But then again – maybe this dysfunction is MORE common in our community and too many of us can relate to this so we want to watch. But its still not healthy to watch and consume this material over and over again. Ultimately, Tyler Perry could just be a reflection of our culture and community, and this image is a hard pill for some of us to swallow.


We heard this same crap about chris brown when takers came out and yet that movie still opend at #1 in the box office and became an hit. Nobody care about kim being in this movie. Tyler perry fans love him and they will be runing to see this movie just like they will all 4 of his movies this year. If anything more people will see the movie now. End of story. All the media is doing is giving TP a reason to say I told you so when the movie opens this summer.


I will be happy when The Marriage Counselor opens at number 1 so people can see how much Tyler Perry's huge fanbase really cares about Kims casting. Do you really think people care that kim is in the movie or not. As long as Tyler perry is apart of it it will be a big hit. I expect better from the media because all you doing is giving TP film more hype.


Why is this news. People don't care. When the film opens to 30 million you will see how much people really care about casting kim. Move on thnaks.


What a liar!!! How could he not know that she got married when the Alaskan housewife in the middle of nowhere knew as well as the President of the free world who is 10x more busy than him! No respect at all for Tyler with that one! SMDH.

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