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Updated List of 2012 Oscar Presenters

Updated List of 2012 Oscar Presenters

The 84th Academy Awards  have begun finalizing the list of announced presenters for this year’s ceremony.

So far, the list includes a considerable amount of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie, as well as the cast of “Bridesmaids,” including Kristen Wiig and Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy. All four winners of last year’s acting trophies will be back as well.

The Oscar presentation also will be televised live in more than 200 countries worldwide.The complete list of announced presenters is below, and will be updated in the days leading up to the ceremony. You can also check out Indiewire’s full list of predictions here.

Christian Bale
Halle Berry
Rose Byrne
Bradley Cooper
Tom Cruise
Penelope Cruz
Cameron Diaz
Michael Douglas
Will Ferrell
Tina Fey
Colin Firth
Kermit the Frog
Zach Galifianakis
Tom Hanks
Angelina Jolie
Ellie Kemper
Melissa Leo
Jennifer Lopez
Melissa McCarthy
Wendi McLendon-Covery
Miss Piggy
Natalie Portman
Chris Rock
Maya Rudolph
Emma Stone
Meryl Streep
Kristen Wiig

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I couldn't see the show but it was too hard to see it in France (too late and not free). I wish I had, however, because I'm really in love with "The Artist".
But I have a question : did Robert Downey Jr present ? I saw a picture elsewhere but you didn't mention him there…


I fell asleep. Did Tom Cruise present yet. 8:03 pm.


I can't believe Nicole Kidman isn't a presenter this year. I won't be watching either.


o yeah, that ugly angelina is presenting again..i guess she doesn't deserve it because she hasn't won any oscars yet in history…she is just there to tilt his manly chain and pout her big out-of-this-world lips LMAO…


helloooooooo im astound to note that nicole kidman is not in the list…or not even invited? people are asking yahoo..


where is nicole kidman???? she ought to be there…are you serious? bunch of ugly presenters olala oscars you made a mistake…..take note.


What about Bette Midler hosting the Oscars next ?


I was hoping to see Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law presenting Oscars again…
They were so much fun last time.


I need of Jim, Jim Carrey!


Robert Downy Jr and Jude Law!!!!!!! another Brit ..Colin Firth!!!!


Billy Crystal is hosting only because he has been given creative liberties to fix the dang thing to make it funnier. At times in the past, the shows had some good hilarity with Billy and Steve Martin mainly. Bob Hope and Johnny Carson were terrific, and that is when the Oscars were the best. Recently there have been fun moments, and classy decor of the stage, but overall, the Miss America contest of women and their over-the-top gowns upstages the movies themselves. It didn't used to be that way. You got about 10 hour red-carpet interviews, not fashion shows, then the 3 to 4 hour show went on. All this before Barbara Walters followed. It was more fun to watch the after show interviews than her show. I believe the first telecast was in the mid 60s. I started watching in the early 70s when I was 12, and in recent years have only watched parts because it became to high brow and snobbish. I liked watching the actors and actresses walk in with the wind blowing their hair out of place, and wraps flying off their shoulders. Now, everyone is perfect to the point of sickening. Way to much narcissistic behavior.


Used to love the Oscars, and have a Oscar Meyer Hotdogs with beans when the show came on about 6pm just after getting off work on a Monday in March or April (Not February), and it was at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion most of the time and sometimes at the Shrine Auditorium. The Kodak is too perfect. I'm now board with the Oscars as the new crowd of pretty men and women with their abs and dull personalities hog the show. It's a fashion show mixed with popularity contest aka Meryl Streep. Great actress, too many honors however. All the greats are dying off, or retired.


This list sucks. I won't be watching


I'm only watching for Bradley Cooper♥ and Emma Stone, then who ever else I like to come along…


Where is the biggest name Mrs. Jennifer Aniston who in my opinion tops the list.


People show up in the anual gala show, most of them to remind people what they did very impressively in the past year, and the most important is, to remind people what are gonna be released publicly in the upcoming movies, in which they starring. Don't know why people just pay lot attention to this drying bored mainstream thing. But this year, Billy Crystal is worthwhile.

Nathalia Madureira

I wanna see Robert Downey Jr. presenting! Pleeeaaaseeee!

One Love

It's Obvious that the Academy Awards are trying so hard to get views to tune in by allowing low class celebrities to present the awards. there were only 4 people out of the list that stands out as perfection and true Hollywood royalty and also past Academy Award winners themselves!!! And, those are Halle, Tom hanks, Angelina, and Phenelope!!!

Gregory Simons

lol kermit the frog and miss piggy are presenters too. umm how are the two puppets going to present an award? maybe they might be shown in a video clip during the show.


Are you joking when you say you don't know who Nicole Kidman is? How old are you like 5 ? She more famous than some of the presenters listed there like the Brideamaids cast , which makes me wonder why they are even presenters. That movie was basically the female version of the Hangover. It was silly and terrible.


You guys are so dumb, and obviously you don't know "hollywood" , the Oscars last year sucked for sure! but this list is good to me! I just wish we knew who would all be there already! and who is Nicoke kidman?


I thought Jennifer Aniston was going to be a presenter?

Nik Grape

Natalie Portman? Colin Firth? I thought these would be the first names…


I see Nicole Kidman is not a presenter and probably wasn't invited because I see Little Tom is going to be there. The award shows are not interesting to me unless Nicole ( a real movie star) is there. I love to see what she is wearing, she is very fascinating. I also like to see her arm candy Keith Urban. I doubt I'll be watching.

Goldman Sparks

Oscara have sucked for years. They are trying to get viewers back by putting all these A-Listers are presenters and also nominating them too. Stupid.

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