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Vote for Project of the Week: ‘HellHouse,’ ‘Wraith,’ ‘Sisterhood,’ or ‘Saints’

Vote for Project of the Week: 'HellHouse,' 'Wraith,' 'Sisterhood,' or 'Saints'

It's time to vote to vote for the Project of the Week!

Go here to vote for this week's Project of the Week.

The winning filmmaker will receive a digital distribution consultation from SnagFilms and will become a candidate for Project of the Month. That winner will be awarded with a consultation from the Sundance Institute.

The four projects up for the prize: "HellHouse," "Wraith," "The Sisterhood of Night," and "Bay of Saints."

Voting will end on Monday February 27, at 11AM Eastern.

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One does get the feeling the deck is stacked for MANY festivals, not just Sundance. Might as well hold them accountable in the interest of transparency. But, then look at a wide range of fests. Not just Sundance – everyone knows the deal with Sundance – and still we submit every year like sheep!



A blank DVD is submitted to Sundance Film Festival in the "feature film category" for several years, (1999-2003) to prove that 6 head programmers are not watching the films and neither is anyone else.

The only footage on the submitted DVD is opening credit's that were applied in editing on purpose for a running time of 1: 30 seconds.

The film and fake "Film Titles" is "rejected" by Sundance with written letters from the head of the Sundance Film Festival programming department on each occasion.

Mistakes happen, DVD's and VHS's, in those years were especially prone to malfunctioning.

Someone should have made a call? Someone should have notified the filmmaker?
Sundance took the submission fee.
Sundance claims that all the film submissions are watched, and that everything is fair.
Sundance receives over 500,000.00 each year in submission fees.

With approximately only 100 film slots to fill, 50% of them have already been decided upon by the 6 head programmers which travel, screen, and consider Hollywood budget films that include big name actors.

The previous films that do seem to get discovered are in fact The Sundance Institute Film Lab developed films, ones that are financed and marketed and promoted by Sundance, these films win "Best" in many categories AND receive monetary awards.

Other films privately screened for programmers are "repped" films, people who pay 15,000.00 and more to have someone actually look at their film, repped by an "industry insider".

The facts are that these films are not watched either, yet the money is taken by these "film reps".

Without a box requires all filmmakers to submit on-line.

This service has been beneficial for the film festivals, only for the fact that it reduces the enormous amount of plastic, paper, and DVD's that all eventually end up in the trash bin.

Over 10,000 rejection letters are sent out each year.

The trash bins and garbage from Sundance have been scouted and cleaned for several years.

The " artist, and optimistic aspiring filmmaker", in essence is giving their money to support, Sundance's own films, that awards their own with your money.

Welcome to corruption.

A look at Scam Fest The Movie.

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