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Watch Episode 3 Of Dennis Dortch’s New Series “The Number” (Or The 1 Thing You Never Discuss w/ Your Fiancé)

Watch Episode 3 Of Dennis Dortch's New Series "The Number" (Or The 1 Thing You Never Discuss w/ Your Fiancé)

Continuing on with episode # 3 of Dennis Dortch’s hilarious new web series titled The Number, or “the one thing you never, ever discuss with your fiancé.

Written and directed by Dennis, and produced by Numa Perrier and Jeanine Daniels, it stars Chasen Allen and Jessica Shelby… and now Issa Rae (aka Awkward Black Girl; I love to see collabs like this; Dennis also directed an episode of Issa Rae’s series by the way; Issa was also featured in the last episode of The Number).

Episode 1 debuted back in November of 2011 (I embedded it again below for those who missed it); and it’s followed by episodes: #2 and #2.5 from about 2 weeks ago; and underneath those you’ll find the current episode, #3.

Here’s episode 1 titled The Intro:

Here’s episode 2 titled Meet Lisa, Sister-In-Law:

And here’s episode 2.5 titled Meet Mike Williams:

And here’s the current episode – episode #3 titled The Engagement Party, the longest one yet:

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love this (and The Couple and A Good Day to be Black and Sexy). Numa Perrier & Dennis Dortch are a great team!


This series actually extends the strengths that this "collective" brought to AWKWARD. Great premise, spare aesthetic, reality reversals. A balance of improv & scripted? There's a lot of trust in your cast to have this approach. "Is the number higher than her age…?" This is mature, naturalistic acting without the mumblecore. Looking forward to more.


Fantastic. I loved all three episodes. Wow… This needs to a new series on BET, TBS or Centric


Loved this episode: really authentic interactions. Keep 'em coming!


SERIOUS CRITIQUE:: Wonderful in all ways. The actors are very natural. The scenes are shot well, intriguing and funny.

I hope you can keep it up and also spread your scope to other topics and genre's


Mark & Darla

Love this.


"Marissa, you're retired from the game now"… hilarity.

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