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Watch: Full Trailer For Lena Dunham’s HBO Series ‘Girls’ Produced By Judd Apatow

Watch: Full Trailer For Lena Dunham's HBO Series 'Girls' Produced By Judd Apatow

It seems bizarre, but no filmmaker has been more divisive (in indie circles anyway) in recent memory than Lena Dunham. She broke through with “Tiny Furniture” her quasi-autobiographical dramedy which won Best Narrative Feature at SXSW and then was drafted into The Criterion Collection, a move that made the minds of many cinephiles explode. There has been an undue amount of criticism hurled Dunham’s way, most of it excessive. Regardless, she has soldiered on, found an ally in producer Judd Apatow and like it or not, is bringing her brand of observational comedy to HBO.

The first full length trailer for the upcoming series “Girls” has arrived and while it won’t bridge the divide between the lovers and haters, we think it looks pretty charming all around. It certainly works much better than the teaser trailer that dropped at the end of last year, and while it is at times self-consciously twee, it also seems imbued a much more accurate depiction of the young life of women in Manhattan than “Sex & The City” ever achieved. It’s certainly a gear change, a wholly different approach to demographic on the part of HBO, and a courageous one, putting their trust in a new and untested voice (albeit one guided/overseen by Judd Apatow).

The first three episodes will premiere at SXSW next month. But if you can’t make it Austin, the series premieres on April 15th at 10:30 PM.

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I don't get the hate. I enjoyed "Tiny Furniture". Looking forward to this.


Chris Eigeman will get me to watch anything. ANYTHING. And then they put Chris O'Dowd – hopefully not doing the awful American accident he had in Friends With Kids – and I'm 100% there.

Travis Hopson

No hate on Dunham from me, but Tiny Furniture was one irritating flick, no way deserving of the Criterion treatment.


Chris Eigeman!!!! all right all right all right


I hate Mondays.

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