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Watch: Hulk Smash, Downey Jr. Wisecrack In Full Trailer For Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’

Watch: Hulk Smash, Downey Jr. Wisecrack In Full Trailer For Marvel's 'The Avengers'

Last summer saw a fairly major clash of the superheroes, with four movies featuring men in tights battling it out for box office supremacy. Marvel‘s duo of “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” won out over “X-Men First Class” and “Green Lantern,” but as it turns out, it was all just a warm up for this summer’s main event. July will see follow ups to the two biggest superhero movies in history arrive in the shape of “The Amazing Spider-Man” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” but they won’t have it all to themselves, as May doesn’t just bring Thor and Captain America back, but also Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury for Joss Whedon‘s “The Avengers.”

The climax of a bold four-year plan by the studio, marketing kicked off rather tepidly last year with the first teaser, but a Super Bowl spot was better received, and a full trailer has just debuted over at Apple, and it’s the best look so far at Whedon’s epic. Focusing on the basic set up and the conceit that the heroes will spend as much time fighting each other as their pesky alien foes, it’s a solid, action-packed clip. And that action looks pretty good, with Whedon seemingly shooting with an admirable clarity and, while we wish some of the locations felt a little less anonymous (it doesn’t necessarily display the global scope we were hoping for), there’s more than a few money shots, most notably the closer, and of Johansson being pursued at close quarters by Mark Ruffalo‘s Hulk.

Are we totally sold? Not yet: this is one that we’ll only believe really works when we see it, but it’s certainly looking more impressive than “Iron Man 2,Thor” or “Captain America” at this point. Will it be able to beat Spidey and Batman at the box-office? We suspect not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to make truckloads of money. The trailer on Apple is rolling out territory-by-territory (if you can’t see it, hang on a moment), and the embed is below. “The Avengers” hits internationally on April 26th before coming to U.S. theaters on May 4th.

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This should easily top The Amazing Spiderman. Not saying that film won't be good, but there's a good deal riding on that film that will likely prevent it from reaching the heights of its predecessors.


It's like pixie sticks of crack cocaine. Cool RDJ, awesome Hemsworth, and ok Evans all in one film. Can't get any better than that. I did have to LOL at the bow and arrow guy though. He's like the Aquaman of Avengers, only more useless, since he can't even talk to fish or make himself useful at sea.


I kinda' liked Captain America protecting Black Widow with his shield towards the end. It was very much in his character, being from what time period he is from.


This trailer has given me a bit more hope (though most of it had to be clawed back after that ridiculous poster). If anyone can handle six protagonists, I do think it's Wheedon.


Screw naysayers, this looks awesome.


That shot near the end with all The Avengers, with ScarJo reloading her little gun…haha


It would be a pretty big accomplishment if Whedon & co. make this anything but an overstuffed mess. I mean, how do you juggle six protagonists?



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