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Watch: ‘I Am Love’ Director Luca Guadagnino’s New Armani Short Film ‘One Plus One’

Watch: 'I Am Love' Director Luca Guadagnino's New Armani Short Film 'One Plus One'

While we patiently await Luca Guadagnino to get rolling on this followup to “I Am Love,” if he keeps knocking out lush advertising work like this, it will certainly help tide us over. Last month, he dropped “Here” a short movie/advertisement for Starwood Hotels that starred Agyness Deyn and was written by Tilda Swinton and Sandro Kopp, and scored by Jason Schwartzman and while this latest venture is not quite as starry, it’s still worth a look.

This time around Guadagnino has helmed a new short entitled “One Plus One” to promote Giorgio Armani’s spring/summer collection. This features all the stuff Guadagnino is making his trademark, including a very palpale influence from old school cinema (there seems to be an Alfred Hitchock vibe both in the general tone and the Bernard Hermann-esque score), combined the director’s usually wonderful eye and framing. The spot features a Swinton-esque model (the hair, particularly) on the run from two dudes and that’s about it. But it’s worth your time. Take a look below. [GQ UK]

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Both of these shorts from Luca are really cool, please keep posting them as they come up in the future! I appreciate the shit out of his voice.


i forgot to look at the clothes because i was so horrified and distracted by anorexic model. she didn't look like she would have the strength to walk up the stairs. beautiful cinematography and camera movement, but vacuous, meaningless subject matter.


A nod to Godard's "Breathless" as well, with the thumb gliding over lips.

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