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Watch: Jean Dujardin Auditions For Every Villain Role In Hollywood; Plus Bloopers & Making Of Doc For ‘The Artist’

Watch: Jean Dujardin Auditions For Every Villain Role In Hollywood; Plus Bloopers & Making Of Doc For 'The Artist'

In case you haven’t noticed, suave and remarkably handsome Jean Dujardin has arrived in Hollywood in a big way and all signs are pointing to him walking home with an Oscar at the end of the month, thanks to his charming turn in “The Artist.” There are many rites of passage for actors looking to make an impression in the U.S., but one of them seems to be Funny Or Die. All kinds of talent have been using the video channel to show off comedic sides to their persona or simply let people know they can be in on a joke (see Sean Penn on “Between Two Ferns“) or try and rehabilitate their image (Mel Gibson‘s tribute to Robert Downey Jr. with Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling).

But for Dujardin, his venture to the comedy outlet is simply to give him a bit more exposure, and well, mission accomplished. This pretty great Funny Or Die short finds Dujardin pondering his next move now that he’s a big star, and he’s advised that the way to go is take on a villain role, and what emerges is an audition reel for every conceivable (and inconceivable) blockbuster that might come up. He gets off some pretty terrible/awesome one liners (“Larry Crowne…..MORE LIKE LARRY DROWN”) and it’s basically a three-minute reminder of how effortlessly engaging this guy is.

Bonus round: these have been making the rounds for the last little while, but here’s a blooper reel for “The Artist” along with an extended making of documentary about the film. Sadly, the latter is in French only, but it’s still a pretty fascinating look behind the scenes. Watch below.

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Nik Grape

Fuck that was brilliant! "…..It appears you have bought your last zoo" killed me


Since it's originally shown on funnyordie, the French dude peut-etres gonna work w/ Judd Apatow/Will Ferrel gang.

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