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Watch: Jeremy Renner Becomes The Perfect Assassin In First Trailer For ‘The Bourne Legacy’

Watch: Jeremy Renner Becomes The Perfect Assassin In First Trailer For 'The Bourne Legacy'

Jeremy Renner has a big year coming up. He’s already sat on the sidelines for “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” and he’s one of “The Avengers,” but the real test will be when he steps into the shoes of Matt Damon as the lead of Universal‘s big spy franchise, “The Bourne Legacy.” The lid’s been pretty tight on the film so far, but a trailer has now arrived via Apple, and it’s given us our first real look at Renner in action. And it’s not quite what we were expecting.

Director Tony Gilroy (“Michael Clayton“), who penned early drafts of the first three films, is firmly in evidence here, with the neat ’70s bars gliding across the screen as Renner’s character is put through his paces, by some of the supporting cast, including Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz and Albert Finney, while he seems to have dropped Paul Greengrass‘ shaky cam aesthetic, which is probably a welcome move at this point. But surprisingly, there isn’t a ton of action here, with the focus more on building up Renner’s Aaron Cross, and the mythology, with Renner as an agent of a rival program called Outcome, a stronger, more stable equivalent to Treadstone.

It all looks strong, but very much a tease, with no hint as to where the plot’s going — Oscar Isaac, who plays another assassin, is nowhere to be seen, although it turns out that David Straithairn is back for the fourth installment, which hadn’t yet been revealed. Still, reason for optimism at this point, to be sure. “The Bourne Legacy” hits theaters on August 3rd. Watch the trailer below thanks to The Film Stage, and check it out in HD over at Apple.

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The one sheet tag line reads like a veiled threat from every studio with a big money franchise to every leading star in a big money franchise…


Boycott this shameless cash grab from Universal.


Well, I've been skeptical about this from the beginning, but the trailer and poster here have actually given me some hope. Great cast, at least.


If Oscar Issac was featured in this teaser he would of done what he does best…steal the entire teaser just like he steals every scene he's in! Looks pretty solid….and with this cast and Norton as the bad guy, they're on the right track!


Poster is awful.


Yeah, Ah the cast, the director, the writer. This will probably on the level of the first Bourne, which in my opinion is the best. All three Bournes were awesome, despite the latter two suffering from Greengrass' shaking cam syndrome. Oh and just based on Duplicity and Michael Clayton, I prefer Gilroy over Greengrass.


I think it looks great. Gilroy's a very good director.


No Oscar Isaac in sight is excatly my first thought! I'm not a fan of Renner,but I am looking forward to this movie.


This has nothing to do with Bourne. Decent action flick but not Bourne's legacy and it makes me definitely not forget about Matt Damon. He was the ultimative guy. Not just an assassin but a man with conflicts and first of all a conscience.
Maybe the trailer puts us off the scent?

easy company

no action?? 2nd part of trailer was all action motherfucker.
anyway movie has 4 more weeks of filming and some guy already said that this is the most action packed bourne so far.
but this really really is looking great…


I like Renner and all but it doesn't feel the same without Damon. Rinse, wash, repeat with a different name and face.


Cash grab! This feels so tacked on and inauthentic. Probably be quite fun though.


brilliant poster.
the tease is interesting until the bars disappeared :).


Looks pretty basic. If it didnt have Bourne in the title I dont think anyone would give this a second look.

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