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Watch: Peter Parker Basically Runs Into The Doorman From ‘Seinfeld’ In Clip From ‘Amazing Spider-Man’

Watch: Peter Parker Basically Runs Into The Doorman From 'Seinfeld' In Clip From 'Amazing Spider-Man'

Oh, the doorman. Helpful, courteous, reliable and sometimes…kind of a pain in the ass. The first clip from The Mark Of The Spider-Man viral site has been revealed, and it seems to be a pretty good indication of the film’s tone and certainly shows that the quippy dialogue Marc Webb handled in “(500) Days Of Summer” isn’t too far behind.

Here, Peter Parker’s foe isn’t The Lizard or Captain Stacy, but the dreaded doorman who seems to think that our hero isn’t quite good enough to see the lovely Gwen. As a friend at least, as he seems to think Peter is either a messenger or a student who needs tutoring (hilarious). It’s certainly a much more grounded approach to humor, pretty breezy and a far cry from Bruce Campbell hamming it up with a French accent in “Spiderman 3.”

Anyway, take a look below. And Peter Parker should be grateful because he could’ve wound up talking to that doorman from “Seinfeld.” [via DigitalSpy]

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I like this clip and strongly look forward to this upcoming amazing film very much. I think both of the spidy old version, and this new one, also occupy kinda about humanities. At least I like discoverying superheroes as humans, and I like very much both Tobey and Andrew.


it's like the scene of the cook in hunt for red october — why the fuck is that in the movie?


Yeah that was terrible. Not even the Duplass brothers do mumblecomedy like that anymore.


Wow. This scene is awful.


Andrew just is so right. He is much better than Tobey Maguire.


I'm getting less and less excited for this film. Why the hell does it look so damn cheap? It looks like a tv film or some random comedy series, not 150 million dollar blockbuster. It also feels like we've seen this before in Spider-Man 2?

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