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Watch Thandie Newton Be Perplexed By Tyler Perry’s Largesse In Clip From “Good Deeds”

Watch Thandie Newton Be Perplexed By Tyler Perry's Largesse In Clip From "Good Deeds"

I won't say anything this time… except, Good Deeds opens on February 24th :)

Oh and… I wonder if this will be screened for the press before it debuts, unlike previous Tyler Perry flicks.

Ok, that's it from me.


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When I saw TP on Oprah in the final season…and he remarked about the abuse his mother suffered at the hands of his father, it hit me…he's been trying to 'save' his mama and every other black woman through his male characters. In just about EACH and every film…there is an onery, black single woman…sometimes with a few kids, who is struggling, fighting and clawing back at a life that 'done did her wrong'…then from out of the shadows…with little impetus or opportunity to even fall in love with said woman…a man appears…a very attractive muscle-y (read Harelaquin) who is determined to save said woman from her life and darkness. It gets played out time and time again…perpetuating the Captain-Save-A-Bleep complex…that based on a man's personal experience (witnessing abuse of a mother or female loved one) he determines to NEVER abandon or walk away from women in need…no matter how onery, shady, misguided….he will LOVE her into a new path….

When I saw Oprah and he revealed his past…I realized he's working through a lot of personal issues from his past. Even Madea….when he describes how his 8 year old mind processed his own gun-toting Aunt's take-no-shit stance, the inflated caricature of Madea finally made sense to me. She feels like a fantasy…a superhero…an invention from a child's mind..that would come in and save him from the abuse…save his mother from the abuse.

It's just crazy that the STRONGEST women in all his films are often played by himself…(ahem) a man.


Good Deeds will make about 40 million in the boxoffice. I Alex Cross and Madea will make around 60 million and his other summer movie will do around 50 million. All in all Tyler will bring in over 200 million in boxoffice alone for 2012. Tyler you are the man and you are doing it without crying about how Hollywood won't give you money unlike that other guy who can't even keep people from walking out of his movies. Keep doing you and your fans will stay. If you don't like him, who cares. Tyler and his huge fanbase surly don't care.


TP as the lead in this movie, or any movie for that matter, no thank you


I will be there opening night. Tyler you are about to have a huge year at the boxoffice. Good job to you sir. Love how you don't cry and hitch about Hollywood and just go around them and do what you won't. That is why you are on top of the world. Also good luck with your network even though you don't need luck.


Can we get a new WORD?…"Haters" is played out…smh…And how come when someone doesn't LIKE a TP project they have to be….**there's that word again**….hating?….And stop comparing Tyler Perry films to Spike Lee's…That like comparing Woody Allen to Adam Sandler….

The Letters Project

I saw the trailer for this and groaned. Good for Tyler for making films for his audience. But, I'll skip it.


Loved the clip. I will be there in the sold out theater on the 28th for sure. Tyler keep up the good work. Haters keep hating. Red crap Summer will be out for you this summer. I am very sure there will be plenty of open seats for that movie.


Ummm… A. Thandie? I'm just not buying it. Was Taraji or ________ (insert the name of your favorite 'hood actress, Tamala Jones) not available B. Thanks for the expository writing. Say, is that what leads to all of the over acting in these films? C. Something positive… Tyler looks good when he is not Madea. Can't wait for the Alex Cross film!

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