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Watch/WTF: Liv Tyler Covers “Need You Tonight” By INXS For Givenchy Perfume Ad

Watch/WTF: Liv Tyler Covers "Need You Tonight" By INXS For Givenchy Perfume Ad

Well, can’t say were expecting this. And in the history of stars and fashion spots, this is certainly a riskier move than just appearing beautiful in a one minute ad. So props to Liv Tyler for throwing caution to the wind, even if it’s still kind of totally odd.

Anyway, the actress has decided to show off the pipes she inherited from her dad Steven Tyler by doing an electro/rock/whatever cover of “Need You Tonight” by INXS and star in a full on video directed by Johan Renck for Givenchy. It’s alright — kind of looks like every sub-Madonna/Lady Gaga spot that comes around these days — and the production ably covers up the fact that Tyler should probaby stick to her day job. She’s not awful, but it’s not an eye-opening reveal of a long hidden talent. Anyway, give it a look below. [via Showbiz 411]

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that's " throwing caution to the wind"? you guys are silly/sad by turns (especially jagernauth). nothing on indiewire is as superficial as the playlist


Dissapointed that Liv's carrer has kind of stalled. The Givenchy job probably pays well but I want her to have better roles on film. Even if she goes to HBO or something for a good part, please someone, make it happen.

Michael Bay

wow, that was bad……very…..very……….bad

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