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Weekend Box Office Feb. 3-5

Weekend Box Office Feb. 3-5

It was neck and neck between Chronicle and The Woman in Black with the former just edging out the latter for the No.1 slot this weekend.

Red Tails continue it’s b.o. slide, but if it makes you feel better, it will outperform One for the Money, Man on a Ledge and Extremely Loud and Incredible Close.

And Pariah is at over $621,000 at 15 theaters (when is this film going to open wider?) and Steve McQueen’s Shame has grossed $3,469,000 on only 64 screens

1)  Chronicle  Fox $22,000,000
2)  The Woman in Black CBS $21,000,000
3) The Grey ORF $9,500,000  Total: $34,756,000
4)  Big Miracle Uni. $8,500,000
5) Underworld Awakening SGem $5,600,000 Total: $54,353,000
6) One For the Money LGF $5,250,000 Total:
8) The Descendants FoxS $4,600,000  Total: $65,523,000
9) Man on a Ledge Sum. $4,500,000 Total: $14,700,000
10) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close WB $3,925,000 Total: $26,793,000
11) Contraband Uni. $3,490,000 Total: $62,103,000
12) The Artist Wein. $2,565,000  Total: $20,584,000

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Chronicle was fun.

And, always remember that everyone dies and comes back from the dead in comics. Just ask Superman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Jean Grey, etc. LOL!


wheres #7?


Oh yeah of course the brother doesn't make it. But then neither does another major character in the movie and some others as well so it sort of evens out


OOPS ! I sure did but the fact remains that at the rate its dropping off it still won't make back its production cost. Like I said in my other piece it's not box office bust but it is a disappointment


Sergio, you seemed to be getting so worked up you forgot to copy and paste "Red Tails" into the #7 slot. For the record it made 5 million this week which means it fell off roughly 50% from its previous weekend take (total take of $41 million). For a film in its third weekend that drop is around average even for a VERY GOOD film. The fact that Red Tails got horrible reviews and is still hanging on respectably says something. Not much, but something. Did you expect anything better once those reviews came out? By the way did anyone check out "Chronicle"? How long does it take before the "black guy" falls dead (I don't even have to see the film to know that happens)?

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