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Whitney Houston Approached To Be A Judge On “The X Factor”

Whitney Houston Approached To Be A Judge On "The X Factor"

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Whitney Houston was officially approached by Fox TV and the producers of The X Factor to join the show as a judge for its next season.

This comes after both singers Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger (and could someone tell me who she is?) were dumped from the show at the end of the first season by Simon Cowell since things didn’t exactly work out as planned with them.

If a deal is reached with Houston, this could be another important step in her career comeback, along with her supporting role in the Sparkle remake coming out this August.

And she could use it, especially after reports and photos surfaced recenty of a disheveled and bloody Houston being escorted from a pre-Grammy party, after getting into a physical altercation with another woman over Houston’s current boyfriend. 

Will Whitney ever be able to get it together?

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Pretty Thang

The reporter says, whitney houston has died today.there is no information on how she did and the death is still unknown. i'm very srry guys the people ay the death is still unclear.when she did, she was 48 years old


Well, I guess not. She gone from us forever now. RIP Whitney!


I wouldn't advise this move for Whitney.

The Letters Project

Oh boy. I hope she gets herself together. I'm sure she would make for a very entertaining judge, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing.


tweets from kelly price last night about whitney houston at her event

Whitney Houston was celebrating with friends last night. No slit wrists or other acts of self destruction. We laughed, we cried and reminisd

@WhitneyStandard I am her friend. She'll never get anything other than that from me ;) #WHITNEYHOUSTON


can we stop with the bloodied stories, that was not blood, no open wound or fresh scratch on her leg, Kelly Price tweeted whitney didn't hurt herself. I know people who were there, the venue was packed as hell and it was hot as hell. Whitney's table was surrounded by her large entourage of family members (daughter krissi, sister in law/manager pat houston, brother garay houston, agent, hairdresser, assistant and 2 bodyguards) and other industry artists. She was very gracious and kind to everyone but all that heat in an intimate environment and people pressing up on her as well as being deluged by paps is what you got.

There are lots of beautiful pics of her there but no one's interested in those right. Yeah, this could be good for her, she did a great job mentoring UK x factor

Aquila Henry

She appears to still be quite the mess. Although this may be good for her career, I fear it will turn into trainwreck television and people will be tuning in to get thrills from Whitney's "issues". Does anybody really want that?

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