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Whitney Houston Boosts TV Ratings Big Time

Whitney Houston Boosts TV Ratings Big Time

It shouldn’t be surprising that Whitney Hosuton’s CD sales have skyrocketed since her death last week. Now comes news, perhaps not so surprisingly either, that TV ratings have gotten a big boost as well.

Sunday’s Grammy Award show garnered for CBS over 40 million viewers, the most that has seen the award show in many years. The Canadian network Global Television reported that the audience for the Grammy show jumped 37% from last year.

Syndicated entertainment and gossip TV shows also have seen a marked increase in ratings. Entertainment Tonight reports that their ratings have jumped a whopping 36% since Houston’s death, Access Hollywood reported a 25% juimp, Extra – 22% The Insider – 36% and TMZ – 29%.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that death is good news for the TV industry.

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I guess everyone is making money off of Whitney's death except her estate. Since she didn't write any of her songs or owned publishing rights, not much money will be flowing into her estate, even after the jump in CD sales. Let's hope there's something leftover for Bobbi Kristina. Damn, I don't know her or am related to her, but I can't help feeling genuine concern for that young girl. Never had a celebrity death hit me like this….

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