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Who Wants “Soul Train” To Come Back To TV?

Who Wants "Soul Train" To Come Back To TV?

Magic Johnson has told The Associated Press that he has plans to bring back Soul Train to television as part of his new Aspire 24 hour cable channel which he’s deveolping with Sean P. Diddy Combs.

Along with Soul Train Holdings LLC, which was created by Johnson when he bought the Soul Train library and brand last year, Johnson said he plans to bring back the show along with other ideas including a Soul Train Broadway show and in coming in 2013, a Soul Train cruise.

I don’t know about you, but I think Johnson should be concentrating on new and innovative programming and ideas for his new network. The past is past and bringing back Soul Train, that is if it happens, won’t be the same.

Besides who would they get to host the show? OH God! I hope not Johnson!! I still have nightmares about that talk show he did years ago.

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Miles Ellison

If Magic wants to pick every last morsel out of the teeth of pop culture, he’s going to need a bigger toothpick.


Bringing back "Soul Train" is like bringing back "American Bandstand." We will always remember them, but they should never be brought back in todays pop culture world.


Soul Train was the only way to get you started with Hip-Hop back in the day okay

Matthew Boone

Hey Magic you will host the Soul Train and we need to bring the Hip Hop and R&B artist so we can watch it again and the Urban Radio can pick up the songs and they can put it on airwaves and if will be nice if Soul Train Can come back strong for last past 6 years it wasn't no music.


Does anyone remember the final years of ST when it was a veritable musical chairs of hosts? I agree w/ you Cherish, a lot of that Auto-Tune music is horribly unimaginative…it hurts my head to think of an hour of that. Please don't do this Magic.


The only way I can see Soul Train coming back is if todays Black music changes. This Euro trashy electronic dance music is crap sorry IMO Chris Brown music is awful. Cant imagine kids watching and listening to that for an hour. Soul Train was about music and dance. That's gotta change. Please I'm begging all the music creators, producers, whatever and whoever you are PLEASE create a new R&B Black music sound


Better question: who will watch it? Don't let the silence overwhelm you.


I'm annoyed by the spam blocker so Magic is gonna pay, sorry son. Let me guess, it will be an all new DIVERSE Soul Train where the only integration will be amongst its women… I expect nothing less.

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