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“A Thousand Words” Makes Rotten Tomatoes History

"A Thousand Words" Makes Rotten Tomatoes History

I know beating up on Eddie Murphy’s latest disaster A Thousand Words is like kicking a dead horse. What’s the point? It’s suffered enough already. And yet it’s like a guy with a “Kick Me” sign taped to his back. You just can’t help yourself. You have to kick it

And now after suffering the indignity of being another film that could nail the coffin shut on Murphy’s career (At least I hope not. I think we all want him to make a blazing comeback and to come back into our good graces) Words is now making history by being the first wide release film this year to get a ZERO score on the website.

According go the editor-in-chief of the site, which collects and averages out the ratings of film critics reviews for all movies,  there are only probably “3 or 4 dozens zeroes going back to the start of the site in 1999″.

And even worse, of its list of zero films, Words will probably come in as the “fifth or sixth worst in the hisiory” of the site. Words joins an elite group of “zero” films such as Bucky Larson (the worst reviewed film of last year) and the infamous, would-be spy comedy with Antonio Banderas,  Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

Even Catwoman got a 10 score,  The Adventures of Pluto Nash with Murphy scored a 6 and the legendary (and sinister Scientology recruitment ad) sci-fi film Battlefield Earth ranked higher with a 2 score.

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This movie was great! I mean yeah it had a cheesy moment but the overall feeling of the movie was satisfying and more. It was funny, entertaining, and it made you want to keep watching. People that repeadly bash on this movie are just trying to fit in with all the movie critics and even the amatuer ones that say the movie is a disaster. Movies are for entertainment, and wether or not an individual thinks the movie is good should be up to ones self, not based on what the majority is saying. Because most of the majority is just leaning on the thoughts of others in that majority. I loved this movie.


End of his career? Nah. It may still make money at the box office.


It's from the same director of Norbit. Nuff said.


I just refuse to believe that his movie could be as bad as they say it is.


This is unfortunate…especially considering how talented and brilliant Eddie Murphy is…


Even this supposedly black movies oriented blog couldn't resist putting ultimatum on black filmmakers. Statement like "And now after suffering the indignity of being another film that could nail the coffin shut on Murphy's career" is unwarranted. Eddie Murphy makes comedy. Sometimes it work. Sometime it doesn't.


I did not know it was scientifically possible for a movie to be worse the "Battlefield Earth"

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