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Angela Bassett To Co-Star In Untitled Fox Pilot

Angela Bassett To Co-Star In Untitled Fox Pilot

As I’ve stated before, this is the time of year when alll the commerical TV networks announce casting picks for pilot projects for next season. And from the numerous postings we’ve made lately on S & A, it seems that a lot of black actors and especially actresses are getting cast in important roles in pilots now in development or about to begin shooting

Now, of course, how many of these pilots actually get greenlit and go on to become a regular series is anyone’s guess. The survival rate is prettly slim, but at least they’re getting gigs and, who knows, one or two might make it.

So with all that here’s another casting announcement that Angela Bassett will co-star with Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon for an as yet untitled pilot for the Fox Network to be directed by Brett Ratner.

The pilot, which sounds like a blatant rip-off of Hanna, revolves around a 14 year old girl, who’s the daughter of a dead CIA operative with McMahon playing a rouge agent who becomes the girl’s father figure and teaches her the facts of life about the dangerous spy world.

Bassett will play “the calculating director of the CIA who takes the girl under her wing.”

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Mekisha Hale

Well this is new to the thought that just some time ago that actress "Angela Bassett" was going to be in a show for 'ABC' network last year for an pilot that in which also was about the head of a police chief or department of some sort. Then the other day just heard and hear on Shadow and Act that the shift towards FOX Broadcasting network for a pilot where again she plays a director of the CIA. Sometimes when you when hear about a pilot or under development plot for a show maybe the idea that original worked on thought or on paper doesn't always mean that the project is legit. Others shop around other networks to see if it's possible for revamp of that original idea or completely like this situation and totally go with an whole idea for a story to be develop. At any case,I'm just glad to hear that actress "Angela Bassett" will be television anything even an movie. She's a very talented actress good news to hear that she's doing a show for any network.


That pic, she's stunning.


Thanks for the info Sergio.

But what happened to the other Angie B pilots last year about playing a cop/chief and some such? And this sounds like a similar role. Anyways, will check it out.

Hope she goes beyond the one-dimensional 'tough boss who never smiles' trope she seems to do well.

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