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Angelina Jolie Has Apparently Turned Down Kurt Wimmer’s First Stab At ‘Salt 2’

Angelina Jolie Has Apparently Turned Down Kurt Wimmer's First Stab At 'Salt 2'

Angelina Jolie is hardly prolific when it comes to churning out movies of late, and even less prolific when it comes to churning out good ones. When she does appear in movies she does so as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and as a result she’s likely one of the most in-demand actresses around which suggests she must be very selective. But that just makes it all the more confusing when she picks some of the projects she does. Aside from voicing a tiger in the two “Kung Fu Panda” movies, the past five years has seen Jolie make six movies. Two were quite good (“A Mighty Heart,” “Changeling“), two were not (“Beowulf,” “The Tourist“) and two were disappointing action movies (“Wanted,” “Salt“).

The latter, “Salt,” made nearly $300 million worldwide and so Columbia Pictures re-hired Kurt Wimmer (who also penned the first film) to begin work on a script for a sequel. Well, Wimmer wrote it, the studio sent it to Angelina for approval, and according to Moviehole, she wasn’t pleased and refused to sign off on it. Oh dear, so what happens now? Well Columbia have asked Wimmer to start over and try to see whether he can come up with something this time that Evelyn Salt will approve of. It all begs the question of whether Angelina ever read the script for the first movie. If she did, then how low are her standards? And how bad is this new script if it doesn’t meet said standards?

Of course, Columbia could always recast the role, or rewrite the sequel with a new character involved (a la Bourne), but then they’d have a hard time attracting anyone with anywhere near as much star power, or who could match Jolie in the female-action department (give Jolie her due, she kicks ass well) at the same time. The fact of the matter is that this is only a franchise with Jolie involved, and she’s the one and only reason the first film made that kind of money in the first place, so they better hope they can produce a decent script soon. Our advice: hire a different writer. If not then we’ve probably got more chance of seeing the blaxploitation spin-off, “Pepper,” before “Salt 2” makes its way to theatres.

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I hate action flicks, but Salt was an exception, it showed that women needn't act like hyper masculine facsimiles of men to be a tough, smart action protagonists; Changeling was contrived bullshit. Get it straight, you're supposed to know what u are talking about here.


Your first sentence is pretty telling. So, is any actor "prolific" at "churning out" good movies these days? And you forgot to mention that Tom Cruise turned down the original Salt role to instead make Knight and Day. Nuff said.


Are u kidding me? Forget the Angelina diss which is uncalled for how about the Kurt wimmer diss?! Salt kicked ass, street kings kicked ass, total recall kicked ass, law abiding citizen kicked ass, the recruit kicked ass, equilibrium kicked major ass, and the Thomas crown affair kicked ass! He's writing the best action movies we have these days with hard hitting action and usually a nice twist or two at the end to make us slightly think! Maybe write an article abt how Tarantino isn't a good director next? Idiot


So uhm Kurt Wimmer is doind Total Recall a sequal from a Classic with Arnold Schawrtznegger.


Huh huh our here Gay is closing will say on Squats for now or a while uhm.We need to start writing new flicks or storys Thank you.Some of the Masters will say that said to say this before you get into Salt 2 like with my story notes and to get your answer?I imagine yours to me was ohh yes right when I get right,ohh and your answer is,,,,We want no part of it.

****Ohh that was Pretty ;****


Angelina Is awesome and Salt was one of her best. I really enjoyed the entire movie and was shocked that you gave it such a bad review. I have a large family of 9. As you could imagine it is not cheap for us to go to the theater, but if they came out with a Salt. We would definatly be there to see it!

Richard P

Please diferent writer

I want Salt 2


Man, I can't figure out if this guy is just a sexist piece of shit, or he just hates Angelina. He must share a PR flack with Chelsea Handler.


So, I'm confused Joe. You're lashing out and insulting her because she wants a better script? Or is it you don't believe she's capable of determining that on her own? I think I'm offended for her. Hate to break it to you Joe, but she's reached the mountaintop in her career of choice – can you say the same? Do you have a Pulitzer or Peabody you're hiding from us, while putting around on your little blog here?


Major slam here. What exactly is your point? That Jolie can't read, and that she has low standards (i.e., Salt and Wanted…in your opinion), so you believe her being selective is a fraud? So, Joe Cunningham, tell us, how could she have prevented this bit of snark from you? Signed on the dotted line, instead of giving the pretense of actually reading and considering scripts? Jolie's an Oscar winner, nom'd multiple times, with 6 kids and a lot of humanitarian endeavors on her plate, but in her spare time, it seems she just wrote and directed a fine film herself (that's one more than you've done probably)…so yeah, I'm pretty sure she can 'read,' a script..given what she's achieved in life so far…but way to be denigrating and patronizing.


Jolie's never really been prolific re films. But nice punch to the head you gave her there.

Oogle monster

I would argue Salt was better (read: entertaining/she was more believable in the lead role) than Changeling. That Oscar nomination was mind-boggling… especially over Sally Hawkins… WTF.


I really liked Wanted actually. It was insane, but fun.


Yes, they need to hire a new scriptwriter. I think the 1st time around Jolie was just looking to get some post-pregnancy exercise. This time Salt 2 has to compete with other projects so it'll be harder to get her back. I liked Salt well enough but would prefer she do the Besson movie.

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