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BBC Developing New Cop/Gang Drama Series Inspired By “The Wire” & “Training Day” Set In Manchester Hood

BBC Developing New Cop/Gang Drama Series Inspired By "The Wire" & "Training Day" Set In Manchester Hood

Well… it’s something of a cult favorite years after it went off the air, so copycat efforts should be expected. 

UK-based Origin Pictures is reportedly working on what they’re calling a The Wire-style crime drama set in Manchester inner city locale, Moss Side.

Titled Silencers, the new series is 1/3 of a trio of projects the company has in development for the BBC.

The first episode of what will be a four-part crime drama series for BBC2, and what is being billed as a “tense police thriller that has shades of Training Day and The Wire,” has already been delivered.

The series’ story will focus primarily on a cop dealing with gang activity and gun violence crime in Moss Side. 

By the way, my research tells me that Moss Side constitutes the heart of Manchester’s Black Caribbean community.

No ETA yet, or whether the series will travel.

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The so called 'Hood' in Manchester UK, probably only consists of two streets! I'm waiting for the Bullsh*t to be broadcasted on my television.


I am biting off CT… yeah, WTH does this REALLY mean —>"The Wire-style crime drama" and "tense police thriller that has shades of Training Day and The Wire" . SMDH! What shades are they referencing?! They might as well have pimp slapped us with "adapted from real life experiences" or " This could happen to you so lock your doors". PRET-TEE-PLEASE.. from the not so covert "code words" this should be titled "Bambozzled The BBC way: Pimps & Hoes & DRUGS WILL Flow, and Everything Goes. Step right up, it's the not so silent, SILENCERS!". Shiiiiit, the producers and writers of The Wire should fly over to England with bi*ch slappin' on their mind.


If they are really doing this and thats the series storyline then they've missed the point of The Wire. Sounds like more class festishism as Ms WOO once accurately described of this kind of drama. Lets see…




Hope it's at least as good as Top Boy, which was a fine mini series..


Now that we know what they're looking for at the BBC, all you "posh Africans" remember to tone it down when you audition for this project.

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