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Beverly Johnson’s Reality Show Premieres On OWN March 31st

Beverly Johnson's Reality Show Premieres On OWN March 31st

I don’t know why they call them “reality” shows when there’s nothing real about them? You realize, of course, that they’re just as planned out in advanced, scripted and rehearsed as any drama or sit-com? The big difference is that they’re WAY cheaper to make than one episode of the average sit-com 

And since audiences don’t seem to mind as long as they’re entertaining there’s no end in sight. And they keep popping up like mushrooms which is why I didn’t notice until now that OWN will add to the reality show glut with a new one with former supermodel Beverly Johnson, Beverly’s Full House premiering on Saturday March 31st at 10PM (9PM central)

The show will follow Beverly, her daughter and her son-in-law all living in one big house with her fussy, comic relief butler. 

One good thing though is that we can safely assume that this being Johnson and it’s on OWN that there will be no trashy behavior, backstabbing or weave snatching fighting as seen on other reality shows with black women.

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Beverly's daughter needs more than therapy. She needs a reality check. She has been sheltered all her life. If she thinks her mom's words make her 'pause', wait until Beverly is no longer living(God forbid) and she sees what life is like without her. People will walk all over you. Your husband won't be there to protect you. Anansa needs to grow a thick skin, stop acting like she is in fairy tale land. Anansa is a grown woman acting like a kid. GROW UP!!


Beverly's daughter needs a lot of therapy. Until she gets several years of therapy, I can't watch her at ALL. This is absolutely the WORST show ever because I had high expectations. Anasa makes me TIRED TIRED TIRED. I have tried this show several times. Tonight I've decided that she's Beverly's problem (God bless you Beverly) and I'd rather watch paint dry or the inside of my eyelids.


…Second thoughts about her mother being in the delivery room… yo, that girl is a spoiled brat. That little girl needs to grow up and understand what her mother had to go through. Does this girl even know what real hardship is? She is going to continue to hold this nonsense over her mother's head… Her cultural identity, clearly, has been stripped away from her for she does not seem to understand the spirit of family. Not to mention SHE IS A NEW MOTHER…OF A GIRL… good luck with those toddler years. The girls are somethin' else… You don't have a clue… Hopefully your daughter will be more forgiving. A disgrace…

Miles Ellison

Another reality show. Really? This backlog of progressive projects isn't exactly overwhelming these cable networks.


Hmmm. This actually looks good!
(It's Beverly's Full House though, right? Not Beverly's Dream House).


I might actually catch an episode…or two of this one.

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