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Bobby Brown Biopic Being Shopped Around By Bobby Brown & Michael Pinckney

Bobby Brown Biopic Being Shopped Around By Bobby Brown & Michael Pinckney

Just got word via email that a script on the life of Bobby Brown is being shopped around Hollywood, and there’s apparently been some interest, although details are still sparse currently.

Michael Pinckney and Bobby Brown are said to have teamed up on the project (penned by both Bobby & Michael, who I’m told acquired the rights to the story). There are reports that Bobby wants daughter Bobbi Kristina to appear in the movie, however, I’ve been able to confirm that this is not true.

Titled The Bad Boy of R&B: The Bobby Brown Story (see image below), the script has apparently been passed around a bit, starting last fall; but there was reportedly very little interest at the time, from studios; but I suppose with Whitney Houston’s death, potential backers are now singing a different tune, looking to capitalize on that unfortunate occurrence. 

Here’s how the synopsis for The Bad Boy Of R&B reads (courtesy of Global Grind):

Sex, Drugs, Women and the Original Bad Boy of R&B, a toxic mix. The Bad Boy of R&B is a classic tale of R&B sensation Bobby Brown’s meteoric rise from humble beginnings in Boston to the top of the R&B and Pop charts. His struggle with drugs, alcohol, women and a troubled marriage is a rocky journey and an inspirational one. One of hope redemption and the power of the human spirit. Having already accomplished more as a teenager than most men in a lifetime, Bobby must now face the greatest challenge of his life . . . .Take this emotional journey with the original Bad Boy of R&B as we fully exposes his faults contradictions in this in-depth story of his many triumphs, trials and tribulations. The film exposes Bobby’s darker side and puts his private demons on public display.

The news come directly from The JDot. Agency who rep Pinckney.

So who wants to see a Bobby Brown biopic?

Secondly, who should play him in the film?

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Brittani Nicole

I would love to see this! I’m a huge supporter! I believe his story needs to be told! His contributions to hip hop and r&b are legendary. People shouldn’t forget that! He was a great artist, talented, goal oriented, ambitious and so much more! I know all this and I was born 1990. I grew knowing only the bad things media put out there, but I educated myself about his successes that are majorly overlooked. Please proceed with the film! :)

John B.

The life of a superstar is like mirror for the future generations to look into and imagine being better. The truth is, there's a lot of young boys and even girls who would wanna be like Bobby Brown and make good music and dance innovations like he did in his early days and I guess its time to present an audition battle for Bobby Brown where we can see all those talents hidden in the image of Bobby Brown all in the bid to pick the one who can really represent the original Bad-Boy of R&B himself on a biopic of the real Bobby Brown. I guess his style is still undefeated not matter what happened along the line like him being caught-up in the mix with rock 'n roll vices, I guess he paid his dues by satisfying his fans at all costs so he needs a picture representation that'll really portray his real personality as a gentleman with class and style.
Much love to you Bobby and never mind if the speculations about Bobbi Kristina not wanting to be part of your history in the movie, its a fact that can't be erased and she should even be thankful that she came out of you and Whitney(RIP)both of whom are superstars while some of us out there where born more or less invisible and ONLY dreaming on wishing that we had IT like that too.
Once again, much love to you Bobby Brown, your ''LUCKY'' fiance and your kids.
NB: Try Chris Brown for ''Bobby''..he's got that bad-boy thing too


He's better of going to Vh1 and doing a TV movie version.


I was in high school when the DON'T BE CRUEL came out. I loved Bobby Brown. Naw, scratch that. I LOOOOVVVVEEED Bobby Brown. He was my baby daddy/husband. LOL. Oprah had a show on "teen idols" in her final season, and they only Black teen idol she had on was Tito Jackson, whom she loved. Bobby could have been on that show. For those of you under 30 and don't know, Bobby Brown was the teen idol of the late '80s. With that said, his biopic could be compelling, but at this point I'm not interested in it. So much of what happened over the years, the mess with Whitney, I think its too soon. And there has to be some reflection and distance from his troubles with Whitney to have some perspective on it and tell a full story. I doubt he's there yet. Oh, did you know when he sung Rock Wit'cha, he was singing to me? Didn't you hear it? He said, "I wanna Rock Wit'cha Cherish, all night long…." I swear he was…


Not interested. At all.


Will this be Bobby's remake of the film "Blow?"


Striking while the iron is hot, I suppose. From a marketing standpoint, it's pretty wise. I guess he figures he'll never again be as hot as he is right now. But there are many stories I'd rather see before we get to the Bobby Brown story.




@boyby clearly you didnt read the comment before yours. before the great Houston Bobby made a name for him self. We all go through lifes ups and downs but I believe his story would be interesting. Not sure as a theatrical release but TV movie or mini series would be dope.. but the negative comments makes you look like a huge hater..

Miles Maker

Most people don't remember Bobby in his heyday, but it was quite a meteoric rise–from New Edition to going solo to becoming the face of the New Jack Swing era produced by LA Reid, Babyface & Teddy Riley. Bobby had a string of 10 Top 10 Billboard hits and went 8x platinum (8mil units sold!) at one moment in time (life BEFORE Whitney). To watch his story unfold from humble beginnings to worldwide stardom to a plummet from the public's good graces could be a compelling cautionary tale if written and executed well. However unless 'something' else occurs in his life, this movie ends on an unfortunate downturn. The beauty of life story rights is timing, so the screenplay may very well end prematurely today because Bobby's story isn't over until his life and contributions on earth are over…


Boybye is absolutely hilarious.

Shawn Whitsell

I would love to play Bobby. I could kill it! Let's start a campaign to get me in the role :-)

Follow me: @ShawnWhitsell


Hell no don't nobody want to see no Bobby Brown biopic. He better sit his tired marginally talented ass down somewhere. The only reason the general public ever paid that ignorant fool any attention is because he was married to the greatest singer of our lifetime. He better fall back and keep on that NE reunion tour and their 25-seat venues.

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