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Boris Kodjoe To Co-Star in ABC’s Drama Pilot “Scruples”

Boris Kodjoe To Co-Star in ABC's Drama Pilot "Scruples"

Boris Kodjoe is slated to co-star in the Tony Krantz/Natalie Portman-executive produced Scruples, directed by Michael Sucsy (The Vow). According to Deadline, the series, based on the novel by Judy Krantz, centers on a “rich and powerful clothing designer Billy Winthrop (Forlani) in a world of sex, revenge and scandal.”

Claire Forlani stars in the pilot as the clothing designer named Billy; Kodjoe will play the attorney of her deceased husband. Jessica McNamee will also co-star in Scruples, which is written by Bob Brush and produced by Warner Bros.

Kodjoe will be seen next in Resident Evil: Retribution, in theaters September 14th, 2012.

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Miles Ellison

I'm surprised they aren't vampires.


WHAT? No Judy Krantz fans? Or, maybe Boris Kodjoe's last outing in that dreadful J.J. Abram's "Undercover" has people gasping for air and not commenting on this new Les Scruples? "Well CareyCarey, why are you all up in Vanessa Martinez's last 2 posts on this nice, bright and sunny Saturday?". Okay, in the first place, I love me some Samuel Jackson (The other Saturday morning selection), so I saw the fresh snow of Vanessa's first post and decided to make a few tracks of my own. You know, like making an angle in the snow. "Okay, but why this post, Mr CareyCarey?". Otaaaay, you got me, I cannot tell a lie, I have several of Judy Krantz's books. Yeah, I know I know, but stop the presses. Don't make a brotha lie by asking me why I have them nor where I got them. I surely did not pay for them. And my reading pleasure does not include sex, revenge and scandal. OH NO… but I do have Scruples. :-). But listen, I've never "completely" read it. "Come on CareyCarey. Is that like saying you're something like a pimp?". No, that's not what I am saying. Look, with those types of book I do what I call a "reading fly over". I grab the binder of the book from both sides. Then with my left thumb I start from the back of the book, press lightly on the pages and then move my thumb over the pages like the movement of one shuffling a deck of cards. I stop abruptly and start reading. Bingo, if I see something that grabs my attention I read on. Anyway, as I was reading this post, nothing really grabbed my attention except the fact that this project appears to be the white boy (and white girl) hook-up. Yeah, everyone in this non-sexy, scandalous drama seems to have ties that bind. That's right, I read the link and this appears to be a good ol' family affair. But y'all knows they had to throw in a little dark meat to attract the "colored" folks. Seriously, er'body knows Mr Kodjoe's acting is very suspect so why is he up in this house party? I don't know but this project has MESS written all over it… in my opinion.

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