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Check Out These Unofficial Posters For Don Cheadle’s Upcoming “Miles Davis” Project

Check Out These Unofficial Posters For Don Cheadle's Upcoming "Miles Davis" Project

Courtesy of… check out these UNOFFICIAL posters for Don Cheadles' "in Limbo" unconventional Miles Davis feature film project, all created by graphic designer Michael Stadtlender. shared the posters (7 in total) and is championing Stadlender as a potential hire for when Cheadle finally is able to get the project made.

Check out 4 of them below:

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pete mosby

All of the posters great –but…………this is what I've been waiting for. Yesssss!


i can't decide. i'll take anyone of them. i'm so excited about don cheadle in this movie. anyway i can see the screenplay?


I see him(don cheadle) channeling art house directors> jess franco, ken russell, bob rafelson,martin scorsese,olivier assayas,leos carax, alex de la ilgesia,spike lee,kasi lemmons;

and hire stanley(groach) croach & paul mooney to co-write it, wheew! i wuld love to be in that room;-)


Like i said , I am not here to take issue with not one comment, I just feel , that for example LL COOL J stated not too long ago that he does not read sheet music or study music, now a movie like Miles could very well influence the Hip Hop Generation to take their art to the next level, by creating (Non Sampling ) original music beyond what is offered by that genre. For the young generation it well be time well spent and just to let many folks know Dizzy use to Rap way back in the day. Here is a funny story I heard from an artist right here in Harlem that I put into the script that Miles did in Paris, he was playing with so many super stars in the 60's at a Paris night club this guy was watching him on stage blowing his artistry. when he stepped off the stage trumpet in hand and went out side with the light rain coming down and got into a conversation a few young tourist and they exchange wine right out of the bottle and some bread and cheese and he had them come in the side door of the stage to watch and went back on stage and got right into the right beat and perfect tempo and blew the audience away and a few other artist were watching and could only shake their heads cause some of the best trained Musicians could not do something like that.!!!


@ Nadine who said: "wrote a thesis talkin' about hip hop again. Apparently, I have no self control. I have to do better". Please, I would not worry about expressing yourself to the fullest. Let the drive-bys do their thang, but do yo thang. Now, you also said, "Check the Rhyme – Tribe Called Quest, 1991, samples Minnie Ripperton, The Average White band, Grover Washington Jr. AND the Steve Miller band, like I mean c'mon! Hip Hop was about knowledge, knowing and loving your roots, reading, vocabulary, taking history and information and making it new". YELP! Listen Nadine, you sho know what you're talking about. That's why I love your comments. When you broke off Minnie Ripperton and AWB, I knew you were for real. Anyway, I can't speak for Leon but I believe he was referring to post 2000 "hip-hop". I mean, personally I wouldn't even call it hip-hop. It's commercial noise. Now back to Don Cheadle and Miles Davis *smirk*

John B

Good to see Cheadle truly taking the helm on this project. Can't continue to wait for these kinds of films from the studios. We have to create them ourselves. Much respect.


@ Nadine, you know I know about drive-posting and keeping is short :-), so yeah, I understand. And I love the flow of this comment —->"I strategically don't really read the comments in my attempt to siphon my palaver". Woman, if I had your hand I'd throw mine away. But listen, I had no one else in mind and yes, I do believe the task to be near impossible to do well as a feature-length movie?But again "do well" is very subjective. So, I guess I should speak for myself. As I mentioned, I have a special affinity for Miles Davis which is not solely restricted to our common addiction. I've ran the streets of the city in which he was born and raised (East St Louis Ill). It's one of the "blackest" and roughest cities/ghettos in America. His song Kind of Blue is my all time favorite jazz recording. I've probably listened to that cut over 400 times. I first heard that song at the beginning of my drug life and the beginning of fatherhood. That song releases so many memories (many fond and wonderful memories). I saw Miles at his last live performance and that experience, that day, that month, that year is also the gatekeeper of many great memories. My family and I was doing what we called "around the Midwest in 10 days". Out stops… Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, and on to Philly and New York City. And keeping this real, Miles was one of the coolest, hippest, best dressing MF's I know, and he was a ladies man. He was COLD! I always wanted to be just like Miles. I don't believe Don Cheadle or anyone can take me there. Btw, since I have you here, check out these YouTube clips. It's me "acting" a damn fool :-) HERE—> and HERE—>


@CAREYCAREY – I hear your caution , first check out what Eastwood did with Bird which was done very well, superb to me it was like a filmic painting. 2. I would say Cheadle more than any body can handle it. 3. if this is the same script taken from the book BLACK MAGUS then they focus on his skill set the Paris days and less about the addiction and more of Miles Art form and his method for creating it. About 5 years ago myself and a group of investors mostly white had gotten the rights to do the script for the film project. I submitted a draft /short treatment another writer who was a so called historian submitted a draft. They wanted Clint to direct it Cheadle wanted to do his own version and all the while the behind the scenes battles with the family of Miles went forward it was son versus son one part of the family had the rights to the book the other rights to the music. I know at that time one the investors was set to invest $ 25 Million But there was a lot of anger as Cheadle wanted to act and direct and I was in the mindset of that he was the best and trusted person to do so I forwarded my view to have both Clint and Cheadle work together, at that point i was more than ready to go full steam on a draft unpaid but stuff got so murky and delays and casting issues and rights issues became huge to which I dropped out. But Don Cheadle has remain loyal to getting it done and was will then to really bend over back wards to accommodate desires from both camps. Sounds like he might be on the launching pad this time. I see no one else who could pay homage with out making it seem trivial . My last point is that you also have to remember that there is a generation of kids who have no clue who/what Miles was all about, his skill sets were unparalleled. The Hip Hop generation which I am not a fan of needs to see the film so they understand the details of learning your craft the long lost thing of paying your dues and educating them selves on music that has the greatest influence through out the entire world. I will not take issue with any thing you or any one here on this post has to say except I understand your caution and say if it is going to be done at all Don Cheadle would be the best case to do so!


The poster with Cheadle's face is the best of the four.


Cheadle is a frickin' national treasure… I canNOT wait! I could not imagine Cheadle not doing Miles justice! Written & Directed? I'm too excited…


I am optimistic yet cautious about this whole project/poster design/role. First, these posters are alright but nothing to shout about. If you wanna see great art on Miles Davis hit this link —> Be forewarned that one can get lost over there. That's right, if you like viewing great paintings and photos of Miles, while reading interviews of the artists, step right up, but have a little time on your hands. Okay, now, Don Cheadle doing Miles? Well, I am curious to know why some are jumping for joy and ready to hand Cheadle the golden trophy? I mean, this is a monumental task and I am not quite sure if Cheadle can handle this one.


Great graphics but why not have Cheadle dressed as Miles on ALL the posters with stills to match? If you're gonna sell it…SELL IT lol…


Right on, Rod! Been waiting for this project for a long time. I'm certain it'll be worth the wait! (Thanks for keeping us up on it, Shadow & Act)

I`am Not Mad

I have a Conscience & his name is Bro. Don Cheadle.

Adam Scott Thompson

A role Cheadle was born to play. If handled properly overall (a la "Ray"), he should walk off with all the hardware — including Oscar.


THIS IS BLACK CINEMA! Not this clap trap Hollywood keeps feeding us.




Looking forward to this project and salute for giving props to the designer responsible for these great posters.

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