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Chris O’Dowd Calls Michael Bay A “Sexist” & A “Fucking Asshole”; Says He’d Never Work On His Films

Chris O'Dowd Calls Michael Bay A "Sexist" & A "Fucking Asshole"; Says He'd Never Work On His Films

Somebody unleashed a beast in Irish comedian Chris O’Dowd. The “Bridesmaids” funnyman, who shares the screen with “Transformers” star Megan Fox in both “Friends With Kids” and the upcoming “This Is Forty,” isn’t interested in playing politics. When asked about Bay and Fox’s spat, which led Fox to exit the multi-billion-dollar franchise, O’Dowd selected his words in much the same way Bay directs his movies.

“I don’t know the ins and outs of it but it’s all down to having a fallout with Michael Bay,” he said in regards to Fox’s dismissal.” But who wouldn’t have a fallout with him? It’s one of the sexist things [sic] I’ve ever seen. She called him an asshole. Well, he is a fucking asshole. She’s not the only one who has said that. Why has she been singled out?” O’Dowd no doubt gets around, so by acknowledging that others have called Bay a “fucking asshole,” he’ll likely be greeted with a series of quiet nods. Or maybe it’s just the “Bridesmaids” and “Friends With Kids” boys who are opinionated (Jon Hamm recently weighed in on Kim Kardashian).

Of course, Bay is a mega-huge filmmaker who commands $100 million budgets and massive star-studded casts, and he’s got a number of popular friends in high places. But that doesn’t faze O’Dowd all that much. “I would never fucking watch his films, never mind go and act in them.” Succint, and to the point. Your move, Mr. Bay. [via Toronto Sun]

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Noah R.

Chris O'Dowd is a successful performer in the UK so I don't think he's too bothered about losing work in Hollywood. He's speaking his mind and good for him. Most would look the other way for the bigger paycheck. Good for him! I mean, is his opinion of Bay really open to debate?

Bay Fan

How is Michael Bay sexist? What concrete proof do we have of this? He shoots beautiful women? He MADE Megan Fox.

bay's revenge

very easy to bash Bay…but not a good idea to bash one of the most powerful director/producer in the world….good thing he in the comedy world….he's probably too small a fish for Bay to blacklist


seriously these guys just need to shut up. I am so tired of seeing Jon Hamm's opinion on everything posted everywhere and really, this seems like O'Dowd trying to strir something up to get press for his movie, which is even more obnoxious. And course, sites like this and Vulture I'm sure will be all over it…but seriously, why does every time an actor says anything, it has to be newsworthy?

O'Down calls out someone, it's covered as "You go O'Dowd!" whereas if Bay did it, it'd be covered as "Bay is an asshole!" but it's the same douchey behavior.

Actors should promote their movies by talking about their movie and people should cover movies by talking about the merits of the films and the performances. Save the petty schoolgirl fighting shit, and bloggers and writer's need to stop taking sides and thinking their opinions are credible because they like a certain actor or director and trash another.


BREAKING NEWS: Judah Friedlander announces he will never work for Martin Scorsese.


seems out of character
not the best move, even if he never work's with Bay no-one likes a thrash talker


I'm sure Michael Bay hasn't even heard of Chris O'Dowd, so this "feud" is unlikely to go much further.

Mr Anonymous

Not sure why he felt the need to get involved in this spat but you go O' Dowd! Meanwhile Bay is wondering who the fuck is this O'Dowd asshole?? Hahaha!

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