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Christine Adams Cast In ABC Pilot “Americana”

Christine Adams Cast In ABC Pilot "Americana"

Now that Fox’s very expensive sci-fi show, exec produced by Steven Spielberg,  Terra Nova was cancelled yesterday by the network because of disappointing ratings, it didn’t take long for one of the show’s regulars Christine Adams, to find her next role…

Hey wait…why didn’t sometime tell me that this smoking sister was on the show? I would have watched it every week.. All I saw on the ads for the show were CGI dinosaurs. But I digress… 

Getting back to what I was saying was that now that Ms. Adams is free she’s already found her next role on the ABC pilot Americana. On the show, which is described as a prime time “soaper” that resolves arounf a legenday fashion designer to be played by Anthony LaPaglia last seen on CBS’ Without A Trace.

On the show Adams will play LaPaglia’s ex-supermodel wife

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Cool! Love her!


Tried to watch Terra Nove for her- been a fan since her stint on "Pushing Daisies"- but this show was just so bad: felt syndicated (like Hercules or Cleopatra 2525) and it was the most boring treatment of a really interesting concept. Glad we're moving onwards and upwars!

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The show was horrible, but had some good acting from its leads. I forced myself to watch to see how her character developed. She was the pretty consistent villain, leader of the Resistance, who was possibly going to develop into something more but that never came to fruition. Another U.K. actor. All eleven episodes are still available on Hulu.

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