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“Contradictions Of The Heart” Coming Out On DVD April 24th

"Contradictions Of The Heart" Coming Out On DVD April 24th

Even though the DVD market is shrinking, there’s doesn’t seem to be any let up in the number of straight-to-DVD black films. Granted none of them could be considered a masterpiece, but there has to be a strong and steady market for them or else they wouldn’t keep churning them out.

And of the latest ones is the rom-com/drama Contradictions of the Heart with an all star cast including LisaRaye, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, (the other) Vanessa Williams, the guy who used to be on New York Undercover, (no not Malik Yoba, the Latino one)  and, of course, the ever present Clifton Powell, still the hardest working man (that is neck and neck with Tony Todd) in show business. 

The film deals with “a bartender, a party girl, a group of girlfriends and four buddies who all wind up at the same nightclub looking for a good time. What they don’t realize is that by the end of the evening their lives will never be the same.” What happens to cause that I couldn’t tell you.

The film comes on on DVD April 24th from E One Entertainment and here’s the trailer:

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Hahaha, this movie should be called "Too Old for the Club."


This movie was shot about 5 or 6 years ago….Some Black company that assists in finding financing helped get it made…I forget the name of the company but they're BOGUS…Some husband and wife team that allegedly have a "banking" background….


Some of them are masterpieces.


Come on this was not that bad at all , I liked the trailer compared to some of the stuff that is out, I think this got dumped onto DVD cause it could have had a short theatrical run some where or a VOD sale or a sale to TV ONE or many other Networks. I see they didn't even try to get this out there. All those SAG actors that did this for banding together to want to do good work and then it gets dumped, it hurts cause now when some else approaches and says "Hey Man, I got this project I want to send you the script" one of these actors will say NO!

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