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Corey Grant (“Dysfunctional Friends”) Wraps Next Feature – Found-Footage Thriller “The Lost Coast Tapes”

Corey Grant ("Dysfunctional Friends") Wraps Next Feature - Found-Footage Thriller "The Lost Coast Tapes"

With his last feature film directorial effort Dysfunctional Friends on its way to home video after a theatrical run, writer/director Corey Grant is already on to the next one…

This time, a found-footage thriller titled The Lost Coast Tapes.

What’s it about? Per Variety…

Story’s set in 2011 with found footage of a group of investigative journalists who disappear after traveling to a site in Northern California to verify the discovery of a dead Sasquatch.

The film will star Drew Rausch (Battleship), Rich McDonald (Generation Kill), Noah Weisberg, Frank Ashmore and Ashley Wood.

It’s listed as being in post-production, with sales company Continental Media selling the film to multiple international territories, and will screen the film for stateside buyers next month. 

Not much media on it yet, but check out the 2 teaser posters I found online:

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Carlton Jordan

Corey always been cool peeps. I saw this film at a screening and thoroughly enjoyed it! Bigs ups and much continued success.


Roll sound, Camera, ACTION! This thread has the makings of a great movie. I am reminded of the film Get Shorty starring John Travolta. it's a hilarious fast-paced romp through the international movie industry with all of its odd writers, bizarre crew members, equally bizarre clients and actors of questionable talent. It's all here… Corey Grant, the alledged shady director with skeletons in his closet. Richard Rapper, Corey's agent is there. He's running interference with the speed and believability of O.J. Simpson. Then there's the victims, Brandon Wilson and his lovely wife Linda. There can't be an intriguing story without a hint of love, extortion, blackmail and infidelity. Speaking of love, in walks Miss Nadine. She exudes love, compassion and understanding. She's the voice of reason who has admittedly gone places where others only dream of. She tries to pull Brandon's coat on the evils that lurk ahead, but Brandon (with his wife's encouragement) says "Bump that Nadine, this is not my first rodeo and I need people to know that Corey is a baby face wolf in sheeps clothing (and hair extensions)". Off in the dark wings there's Natasha Fatale & Boris Badenov, aka Mark & Darla. She met Boris Badenov, when they were both arrested for throwing rocks at Girl Scouts hawking Girl Scout Cookies. Immediately smitten with her charms, she and Boris have been partners in crime ever since. However, we don't know their place nor purpose in this film until we hear Natasha (Darla)whispering… "Raskolnikov! Ruthless people, Pottsylvanian ain't got nuthiiiiing on S & A". Boris (Mark) says, "Sharrup you mouth!" However, in the final scene (can't give it away) when Mark and Darla are stuck in their own "mine field", he says to her "Natasha, next time I get fiendish plan, do me big favor? Sharrup my mouth!". COMING 2013

Mark & Darla

Ruthless People.


Sounds like sour grapes Brandon, I have had discussions about projects with Corey and he has been 100% solid in his word. Sounds like you are "green" to the business and if you had a good lawyer you wouldn't have been in that position.

Brandon Wilson

Corey Grant held my movie hostage because he misunderstood his contract. When his mistake was pointed out to him he said he didn't care if he'd made a mistake. When he couldn't extort any money from me and my wife he erased the fine cut and I had to edit my film myself. I pray for the people he does business with now that he's grown out of his thuggish ways.

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