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D.J. Caruso To Helm Sci-Fi Disaster Pic ‘Invertigo,’ Set For March 7, 2014 Release

D.J. Caruso To Helm Sci-Fi Disaster Pic 'Invertigo,' Set For March 7, 2014 Release

The story of excitable, if journeyman-level director D.J. Caruso is a long one, with him starting off his career with moodier fare like “The Salton Sea” and the far less impressive “Taking Lives,” before eventually delving into young-adult-prone projects like “Vertigo,” “Eagle Eye,” and last year’s “I Am Number Four.” He’s continuing that string of films with the Val Kilmer, Radha Mitchell, Kate Maberly, Chandler Canterbury, and Annalise Basso-starring “The Goat Island,” his passion project indie, which he’s just locked and will be showing to distributors. But he won’t be sitting idle for long, as Caruso has lined up his next movie pretty quickly.

Deadline report that Caruso will be taking the director’s chair for “Invertigo,” a sci-fi epic with a script by fanboy punching bag Ehren Kruger (“Transformers“) and Bradley Cramp about a NASA satellite that crash-lands in New York City, creating a “reverse-G vortex” where gravity on earth becomes inverted. If a planned rescue attempt fails, then our planet is doomed. Original FilmsNeal Moritz is on board to produce, with Daniel Bobkur and Cramp executive-producing, in what is sounding a lot like “Armageddon” by way of “Deep Impact,” only with a satellite instead of a meteor. 

And this one is moving fast. THR reports that Sony has already slated the movie with a March 7, 2014 release date. We’re sure we’ll be hearing about the casting of this one fairly quickly.

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Oh my god. No way. They seriously stole this idea from me. I wrote an outline of a film with the exact same premise and pitched it to both Sony and Ehren Krueger who a friend introudced me to at the time I was trying to break into hollywood. My film was called "Inverted." This is so upsetting. I've been told that I should turn the whole thing into a book but now I just don't know.


Better change that "Vertigo" quick before Kim Novak calls in another assault…


I'm assuming you meant "Disturbia" and not "Vertigo" when listing his past projects.

rollo tomasi

yellow teeth


I can't tell if you calling Disturbia "Vertigo" is a typo or an awesome sonning of what was essentially "Rear Window" for 15 year olds.

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