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David Cronenberg is Back to His Dirty Ways With ‘Cosmopolis’ Teaser

David Cronenberg is Back to His Dirty Ways With 'Cosmopolis' Teaser

For those who thought David Cronenberg went soft on us with his acclaimed period drama “A Dangerous Method,” prepare to be surprised. If the recently released teaser for his latest, “Cosmopolis” is anything to go by, Cronenberg is back in “Videdrome” and “Crash” mode. What that means? Kinky sex, brutal violence and a brand of weirdness only Cronenberg can conjure up.

In the 34-second clip, Robert Pattinson (yes, that Robert Pattinson) shoots a hole through his hand and has some doggy-style sex with a woman (is that you, Juliette Binoche?) in the back of a limo, while what appears to be a giant rat walks the streets outside.

The film, set in the no-too-distant future, centers on 24 hours in the life of Eric Packer (Pattinson), a 28 year-old Wall Street tycoon, who grows increasingly paranoid as his empire starts to crumble.

Rouding out the cast is Mathieu Amalric (“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”), Jay Baruchel (“Knocked Up”), Samantha Morton (“Minority Report”) and Paul Giamatti. We’re betting (hoping!) that we’ll get to see this one in Cannes. 

Watch the teaser below:

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The story in the book is set on a day in April 2001. And I wouldn't use the term paranoid either. As his imperium starts falling apart he gets more aware of his inner self and changes his values in a drastically, desastrous way.
Eric Packer is a fascinating character, a symbol of the financial gurus on the one hand but also someone who suffers from existential lonelyness on the other. I'm confident that Robert Pattinson will nail this character, being a high intelligent but complex, sensitive man himself.


Bubbly, decadent, nihilistic: the man's wheelhouse. Finally RPatz is using that brooding (smouldering?) face for something more menacing. He's not the only one but certainly one of the latest to the party… Ezra Miller's been riding this in every film.


I can't wait to see this film! After watching Twilight, I hope to see Robert Pattinson in something more compelling.

I also read about it here:


Looks pretty good!

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