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Eddie Murphy’s “A Thousand Words” – First Weekend Tally

Eddie Murphy's "A Thousand Words" - First Weekend Tally

If the critics were any indication, we all knew this was coming. A Thousand Words, the new Eddie Murphy comedy (“new” insofar as the 2008-shot film hadn’t yet had a theatrical release), opened this weekend to a disappointing $6.2 million at the box office.

As Sergio reported last week, following years of delay, the film was universally panned by critics and received a record-breaking 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

There’s been lots of debate on this site about whether this is the end of Murphy’s career, considering that A Thousand Words is only the latest in a string of under-performing films the actor has led over the past few years.

I, like many, was hoping his potential Oscar hosting gig might shake things up a bit, but we all know what happened there. So, we’re left to wonder – what’s next for Eddie Murphy? What will it take to revive his on-screen persona and turn this thing around? If Dreamgirls didn’t do it, what will?

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I don't think his career is over because he is still making money, but I would love to see him do another stand up. An HBO special followed by DVD sells would kill. He should also consider another rom-com like Boomerang.


No doomsday talk for Eddy Murphy. This guy makes money any time he shows up. His career is by no means over. If he shows up in a Tyler Perry movie I'LL choke him. (not really). My man
Eddy is great, he doesn't need a blockbuster. Blockbusters are rear these days. The movie going audience has changed. Eddy, just pump the movies out, we all will be watching in the movies or on DVD's Eddy sells. He is in the Billion + category ninja please!


Spike Lee's James Brown biopic?


A killer stand up special followed by a return to SNL as the host is the only hand he's got left to play in my opinion. That or he plays James Brown in a Biopic. Doubt it'll happen though. Yea, he he might to stick to playing cartoon sidekicks for the rest of his career.

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