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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross

Something is a brewing in this country and we can thank Rush Limbaugh for it. I haven't seen people this worked up in a long time.   And the great thing is that young women are leading the charge.

Check out John Stewart's take down of Rush Limbaugh.

BTW here is a list of the companies still advertising on Limbaugh's show.  It includes Netflix.  If they don't pull their ads, they lose my money.  Who is with me?

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Yes, it's amazing Bill Maher gets a pass from so many people. The bile he directs at women is disgusting.


Amen, Bill Maher is a dog. I may not agree with the way Elizabeth Hasselbeck operates but when he made that rape joke, all respect I could possibly muster was out the window. Bill Maher = Gross forever and ever.


FYI – Netflix has pulled their advertising, according to a news article tonight, 3/7/12.


Women also need to cancel their HBO because Bill Maher is just as bad as Limbaugh. Don't fund misogyny from either the Left or the Right.

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