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F. Gary Gray On Short List Of 3 Directors To Helm “Captain America” Sequel; What Are His Chances?

F. Gary Gray On Short List Of 3 Directors To Helm "Captain America" Sequel; What Are His Chances?

I love that some of the directors whose names I mentioned in my “Pondering The Dismal Outlook For Black Directors In Hollywood” piece a couple of weeks ago (read it here), have been announced as being attached, or in consideration for feature projects since that piece ran; like Gina Prince-Bythewood, Kasi Lemmons, and now F. Gary Gray!

Maybe the outlook isn’t so dismal after all… maybe.

According to NY Mag’s Vulture, a short list of 3 directors (whittled down from an initial list of 10) are being considered to helm the sequel to last year’s superhero blockbuster hit Captain America: George Nolfi, Anthony and Joseph Russo, and finally our man F. Gary Gray. 

What are his chances? Who knows. He’s competing against the dude who made his feature directorial debut with The Adjustment Bureau (Nolfi, who also penned the script for – but didn’t direct – The Bourne Ultimatum), and the dynamic duo who helmed comedies like You, Me And Dupree and Welcome To Collinwood, as well as TV series like Community (Anthony & Joseph Russo).

Interesting choice there, the Russos, given that they are primarily episodic comedy TV guys; how would they handle a more serious, special effects-laden action adventure flick? I dunno… but clearly Marvel Studios execs like the “vibe” they feel from them to put them on the short list of 3, along with Nolfi and Gray.

Of the 3, my immediate reaction would obviously be to go with either Gray or Nolfi, with Gray as the frontrunner (and not even because he’s black), given that he’s really the most experienced feature film director of all of them, based solely on IMDB resumes. And he’s helmed a few actioners.

But I’m not the decision-maker here. Marvel will go with who the feel the most comfy with.

F. Gary Gray’s last big screen project was in 2009 with Law Abiding Citizen. Since then he’s attached to helm 3 or more different projects and none has materialized; I’m sure he’d love the opportunity.  

We’ll see…

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You can if you wish read race into this, but Nolfi will be the one, Gray is an excellent choice but they want a director who they can feel and is safe to them, and that eliminates any one of color regardless of talent, Nolfi just came off the Adjustment Bureau which got much love and Hollywood feels they owe him due to his association with the Bourne Series. I thought Tim Story did an excellent job on FF series but they never went back to him or did any one else for comic to film franchises. So, and Nolfi's got the Complexion for election in this one!!


Conventional wisdom would say Gray should be the choice. It would also say Nofi is more likely. Granted Tim Story had financial success with fantastic 4. Maybe some minds will be more open.


I vote Gray, think it'll be Nolfi.


This would be huge for him. Hopefully they let him direct.

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