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Film Society at Lincoln Center and Double Hope Films Present: Indie Night Screening Series — WITHOUT — Tuesday March 6th

Film Society at Lincoln Center and Double Hope Films Present: Indie Night Screening Series -- WITHOUT -- Tuesday March 6th

Hi Film Friends,

I know, it’s been awhile since I invited you to a screening. My apologies.

In my efforts to make the world safe for Indie Film, I am pleased to invite you to a new venue: no less than the Film Society at Lincoln Center’s re-born Indie Night series, now at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center. We’ve got more seats, and more comfortable ones too! We will be taping & streaming the Q&A with the director!! And now we are also going to be able to pay the filmmakers a small fee (yay!)!!!

I want you to come see Mark Jackson’s WITHOUT. It truly is one of my favorite films of the past year and I am thrilled I can show it to you. WITHOUT has won numerous awards, including most recently, the Indie Spirit Someone To Watch Award. It is a remarkable film, made even more remarkable by the fact that it is a first feature, and one made for a micro, micro budget. Not only is Mark a directing talent to watch, so is the star Joslyn Jensen, and the DP & Producer Jessica Dimmock.

Like all good movies, it’s complicated to describe. At its heart, is a one-sided love story about one of the most powerful emotions in both life & cinema: longing — a desire capable of altering both the perception & interpretation of our experiences. Few films, of any scale, have captured the essence of longing as well as Jackson’s debut feature, WITHOUT, does in both its form and content. The film’s economy of means helps to deliver a rare truth throughout its beautiful images, precise framing, quiet tone, & the mesmerizing introduction to star Josyln Jensen. Long after it has ended, even long after having watched it, WITHOUT still resonates: did we just live a love song, a ghost story, or a quiet thriller? Jackson delivers with his first outing what filmmakers strive for decades to obtain: the realest of real, the beauty of beauty, & the sweet pain of a never-ending early love. What more could one want?

There are few times when you can recount “I was there when”, but I do think you will want to say it about this trio of talents, collaborating so well, and presenting it at this citadel of cinema, Lincoln Center. The fact that they will inaugurate this new series, which will bring you the faithful, the latest of the greatest of true indie work, is just more icing on the cake. When the lights come on, we will discuss the work with them, and then celebrate with drink and more discussion. Seriously, vote with your dollars for the culture you want. This is it. Trust me. Occupy the seats. Don’t settle for pale corporate approximation. This is where cinema lives, survives and thrives. For real cinema, truly free film, is a dialogue with the audience, a pledge by the community, and a reminder that we won’t settle for culture that doesn’t reach higher, speak truth, innovate form and process, and deliver us honest and original beauty. WITHOUT honors us with all of this and more.

Check out all the great reviews and awards at:

Order tickets now at:

And please come see the film Tuesday March 6th at 8P at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and then stay as I moderate a discussion with the filmmakers.

Follow the film on Twitter @withoutmovie.

And follow DP/Producer @jessicadimmock and star @joslynjensen on Twitter.

Thanks for coming. Vote with your dollars for the culture you want. We can build it better together. We have to support the things we love. The future is up to us.


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A beautiful post this is.

Brad Lanfeld

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Darryl Abbinante
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James Wiley

Is Lincoln Center FS in partnership with Double Hope Films? What is the nature of the relationship? What is the relationship of Mr. Hope's production company to this series?

Alan Jacobs

This is no reflection at all on "Without", but Ted, for Christ's sake, is there no escaping you, anywhere in the indie world? It's not enough that for many years you've had a lot to do with the kinds of films which get made at the larger budgets, which have helped make the independent world inhospitable to films like "Without". Now you're partnering with FSLC, to curate the non-corporate indies? Is there no one else FLSC could have turned to? How about giving someone else a chance?

Sasha Santiago

This post reflects my experience watching "Without" at last nights screening. Surly the reason I (as well as probably most the audience) went to see this film was because Ted said come out and watch it. It's his pick of the month for the launching of an indie series at FilmLinc. It's a good enough idea, and I'll look forward to what's in store…

As for, Without, the film is a successful Micro Budget. The filmmaker's hearts went into this work and as Ted put it, the execution of the film was done well.

Personally, I found the story difficult to watch… it wasn't pleasant or sad in any dreamy sense. It's rooted in an introverted, monochrome reality that at times made me wish I could skip ahead. The feeling that something big is happening in the stillness of this wounded young soul (Joslyn Jensen) provokes you to feel that the film is meant to profound, real and mysterious. Sure it's engaging, it keeps you intrigued, but now that I've seen it, I don't want to see it again simply because it's not my taste. But you should go see it and judge for yourself!

And if you're a filmmaker, you can easily dissect the mechanical choices of this film just by watching it and for this reason alone, the film is a valuable learning experience worthwhile.

I often read this blog, and I recognize this film in most of the Lets Make Better Films posting. Without, is a good example of what Ted is talking about in some of those postings. Making a film within your own reach. Stop waiting for all the damn pieces to come together. Design a minimalist shooting script, break out the Canon 5D (or borrow one from B&H), hit the street with a small pool of hungry Creatives like yourself and start developing your craft for a 21st century audience. Little ones, big ones… make them and move on to the next one. Find your groove. Test the field of the 100+ online self-distribution platforms, build a trusting audience and don't be afraid to challenge the damn form. We are in exploratory times and fortune still favors the bold.

In fact, I don't think enough important people are saying this so I'll just echo it again, Challenge the Form!

"There is nothing that says more about it's creator than the work itself" -Akira Kurosawa

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