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Gabrielle Union Will Be Mara Brock Akil’s “Single Black Female” In Upcoming BET Pilot

Gabrielle Union Will Be Mara Brock Akil's "Single Black Female" In Upcoming BET Pilot

Last May we announced the mega mutil-year production deal between BET/Viacom and husband/wife team, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil, the brains behind the network’s hit series, The Game, the movie Jumping The Broom and the upcoming Sparkle remake.

The deal included a 3-year agreement, with commitments to new, original series, which means we should expect more new scripted programming from BET, courtesy of the Akils.

One of those new scripted series is a drama called Single Black Female, which was first announced about a week ago.

BET has given a pilot order to what will be an hour-long series from the Akils, which will follow the professional and private family life of a black woman, who is also the host of a popular Atlanta-based talk show host.

Today, it’s been announced that Gabrielle Union has been hired to play the lead in Single Black Female.

The fact that it’ll be an hour-long show is worth noting. How many hour-long scripted drama series does BET air, or has BET ever aired?

I’m not a fan of The Game, nor did I care all that much for Jumping The Broom, and I’ve already expressed my concerns about a Sparkle remake; BUT, I gotta give props to the Akils. The content they create may not be my cup of tea, but they’re in a rare position right now that many I’m sure covet.

And congrats to Ms Union on what just may become a full series order.

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All these comments are played. Just sniping on something just because. One don't like the name. One says there are too many shows about SBFs (really?). One don't like Mara. One don't like Gabrielle. Damn if I was a director or a star, I wouldn't want to make anything for us!!!!


the real question is what if any will be the black male leads. does this single black women carry on meaningful relationships with black men? is this just another attack on black men? maybe we will get lucky and get something like marlo thomas in "that girl" .


I used to be a big fan of Mara in her Girlfriend series days pre-Toni's departure and The Game series pre-BET but this is a big question mark. I will have to give it a chance and pray the production value and writing comes full circle back to when she was on the CW. And how many shows about single black women do we need I mean really Single ladies now this..we get it already.


Congratulations to Gabrielle. I hope the show leads to increased quality of content for BET and more projects for the Akils.


Not crazy about the title of the show.

Mekisha Hale

It's great to hear that actress Gabrielle Union will be the lead of an hour long original program on the show titled "Single Black Female". I can't remember at any time I could remember BET Network even having original program that was hour long program. And on that it's a drama is the first I've every heard. There are so many comedies and not enough of dramas depicting lead black characters specially in a drama then a comedy. Don't get me wrong I'm a fan of "The Game" and a fan of my favorite movie "Jumping The Broom". So it's great news to hear that BET network is stepping up to make an original program. Can't wait for the remake of the 1976 movie "Sparkle" when it's released this year.


Just interested in the reasons behind your reservations….


I hope if the show is an hour long that it takes a risk. Black entertainment is really stale these days and doesn't really deal with contemporary issues. I am happy for Gabrielle but I am still a bit worried. Gabrielle has had so many television shows but for some reason they don't work out or they get cancelled. I hope this show works out for Gaby.


The only word I could think of while reading about this project is: lazy. I had high hopes for GU back in the "Bring it on" days… At this point, Gabrielle is typecast as the cold one-dimensional professional black b*itchy woman. The show sounds uninspired. The Akils really are a perfect fit for BET. Enough with these "Oh Lawd, I'm just to busy with my career/weave appts/margaritas with my girlfriends/sushi nights/book clubs/yoga" to find a man crap projects!


Congrats to Gabrielle. I'm trying REALLY hard to keep an an open mind and be positive about this show. I wish they would at least change the title.

ojie king

Congrats to Gabrielle. Same here Tambay, I care not for The Game neither could I bothered with Jumping The Broom, however I am glad that BET is trying to up their game with better shows, which I respect. Wishing them all the best!


Shut up! Gabrielle Union made it past the de facto brown paper bag test at Akils Productions?? Oh right, people keep saying she is the token amongst blacks in Hollywood:/ Anyways, good for her! Good call, Twinkie Byrd:)


LOL, This sounds about right. All the smirking and lip curling you could ever hope to see in a single hour of television. This, of course, will be the one series that will stick for Gabrielle Union.

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