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Gerard Butler May Have Finally Ended The Search For A Leading Man For ‘Motor City’

Gerard Butler May Have Finally Ended The Search For A Leading Man For 'Motor City'

Let it be over, for the love of god. After cycling through Chris Evans, Dominic Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeremy Renner, it looks like Albert Hughes may have finally found his leading man for “Motor City.”

Variety reports that hunky slab of beef and hair Gerard Butler is now negotiating for the lead role in the thriller, which will see Amber Heard hang off his arm, and Gary Oldman square off with him as the villain. Penned by Chad St. John, the hotly buzzed-about 2009 Black List script follows a small-time crook who is framed and sent to jail, and then goes after the guys that put him there. Best of all? No lines to memorize. Apparently the protagonist only has one line in the whole movie, so basically all Butler will have to do is show up and make sure he hits his marks. Easy breezy.

Production is gearing up to start this spring, and let’s hope this is the last we hear of it until the movie is wrapped.

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Suzanna Novella

In case you haven't noticed, Gerard Butler was the lead inThe Phantom of the Opera, 300, P.S. I Love You, Gamer, RockNRolla, The Ugly Truth, Law Abiding Citizen and Machine Gun Preacher so no, he he hasn't finally found a leading role in Motor City but whoever was casting Motor City found a lead man. Butler is a better actor than some critics give him credit for and if some of them had bothered doing their homework about Machine Gun Preacher, they might have understood better the story and why at some point Sam Childers, a reformed junky who found God felt he needed to go to Sudan to help save the lives of orphans there. But since none of them did their homework, they were wondering why Sudan and this is why Sudan: Sudan has been for century the victim of civil wars, genocide in the name of fanatical religious leaders like the Mahdi. Childers didn't set out originally to go to Sudan but while in Uganda helping reconstruct that country which was recovering from the genocide, he heard about Sudan and Joseph Kony's reign of terror through a soldier fighting for the liberation of Sudan from the Kony's reign of terror and that is how he came to go to Sudan. To understand Childers' story they needed to show from where he came first and how he got to changer along the way. Gerard Butler did a phenomenal work in that movie and even took a pay cut as it was filmed by his production company in association with another producer. It's sad that some of you seem to judge such a versatile actor by what happens in his private life which you should respect and forget about as it doesn't concern you. Just because he associates with women too stupid to keep their mouth shut about him is no reason to blast his acting. If he was that bad an actor, such Oscar winners as Ralph Fiennes and Hilary Swanks wouldn't want to work with him. So big producing executives as Harvey Weinsteins or studio heads like Jeffrey Katzenberg would want nothing to do with the man. So definitely no, this is not Motor City which will finally turning him into a leading man as he has been the one holding on his shoulders the success of some movies. Think Dracula 2000 and Timeline which the critics didn't like but on both movies they said that his performance in both was a good enough reason to see both movies.

Travis Hopson

The age gap between the star and Amber Heard continues to widen. If Butler signs, any chance they replace her with someone a bit older?

Oogle monster

I think the fact that he has no lines will work against him. Butler doesn't really command your attention unless he's growling, so at least when he's talking he can be kind of compelling. I wish Cooper had stuck with this.

rollo tomasi

so how long will it be until we find out he's not starring in this

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