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Happy International Women’s Day: More on Women Not Getting Gigs Voicing Trailers

Happy International Women's Day: More on Women Not Getting Gigs Voicing Trailers

This is building on a piece from last month: Sexism Watch: Film Trailers.

The piece includes a line from an agent that books people in trailers that men's voices are stronger and that science has shown that women and men trust men's voices more.  Poppycock.

h/t Movieline

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I remember watching a trailer for a movie based on one of Jane Austen's works: the voice was breathless, hyped, deep, American accented, and, of course, male. You know: that same damned voice you hear in every single movie trailer, regardless of whether the movie is an action thriller, family film, romance, kid's story, historical drama, or mystery. The voice took me out of the experience of the trailer, and just made me mad. Why not a rich, deep British-accented female voice from the regency era for a movie set in Great Britain that was, after all, female-centric?

Why can't trailers be little works of art, in and of themselves? It seems that movie studies spend thousands of dollars on trailers to get people to see their films, but then pass the voice work to some Hollywood voice agent who only hires the same few people that produce "THE VOICE": standard American accent, hyped-up, breathless, and male.

It's crazy. Do you remember Cate Blanchette's voice introducing the backstory to "The Fellowship of the Ring" over a darkened screen? Brilliant, and, as she played the powerful, insightful, immortal character "Galadriel," very appropriate.

Can you imagine the silky, husky voice of Linda Hunt voicing trailers? Or, what about the voice of Viola Davis advertising the movie "The Help"?

I just don't get it. Do voice agents and/or a few male voice actors have a hold over the major studios? Are they all convinced that "THE VOICE," is so authoritative that audiences watching trailers will be powerless to resist seeing the movie? That's stupid. You're suppose to intrigue audiences, delight audiences, awe audiences, tickle audiences into coming to films. Not command them to come.

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