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Holly Robinson-Peete Fired From “The Talk” For Being Too “Ghetto”?

Holly Robinson-Peete Fired From "The Talk" For Being Too "Ghetto"?

So you have to help me out here because I’m confused (at least more so than usual this time).

So as you will recall, I reported here a few months ago that both Holly Robinson-Peete and Leah Remini were dumped from CBS’s afternoon The View rip-off, The Talk, after the producers of the show decided not to renew their contacts.

That news got MASSIVE amounts of comments here from readers who were not only upset about the news that Robinson-Peete was being dumped from the show, but that her replacement was the generally loud and abrasive comedian Sheryl Underwood, who people felt was a poor choice to replace the far classier Robinson-Peete.

However, this week, Remini broke her silence about the whole matter and tweeted that it was co-host Sharon Osbourne who had them fired. According to her: “Sharon thought me and Holly were “Ghetto”. We were not funny, awkward and didn’t know ourselves. She had us fired.”


Now exactly in what context does Remini mean that she and Robinson-Peete were “ghetto”?  First of all, I have to say that judging from the times I’ve seen her, you could argue that Underwood is about as “ghetto” as they come. So what is Remini talking about? And I’m willing to bet that Remini herself has never stepped even one toe in a ghetto anywhere, anytime in her entire life.

I have to assume that for Remini, using the pejorative “ghetto” means perhaps being outspoken, saying what you think. So being quiet and tenative is being “white”? And I’ve noticed this trend lately of white celebrities using the word “ghetto” to mean someone who’s tough and who does what they want to do. Like, for example, Gwyenth Paltrow, who recently called Paul McCartney’s fashion desinger daughter Stella “ghetto” saying that “She doesn’t back down from someone who might have less to lose than her.” 

Ooooooooooh watch out! Stella and Gwyneth are straight up, hard core ghetto from Beverly Hills and Kensington.

But all this comes back to what we deal with here all the time on S & A – black images in the media and who decides what those images are and what they should even be called.

And who knows why Robinson-Peete was dumped from the show? Perhaps there was no chemistry on the show, perhaps there were major problems among the women off camera.

Or Osbourne throwing her weight around; Robinson-Peete with less clout, since she’s not married to the head of CBS programming like Julie Chen.

But being too “Ghetto”?  Not hardly.

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Underwood is such a big mouth sister. Someone needs to rip the fork tongue right out of her black head.


Okay, I'm a little confused here. Remini stated the following: "Sharon thought me and Holly were "Ghetto". I read this as, Sharon Osbourne used this term, not Remini. Secondly, as offensive as the word "ghetto" can be as @ACCIDENTALVISITOR hinted to, we (black people) do not have ownership of it. I caught "The Talk" a few times and I must say based on Remini's presence, character (on the tv show) & conversation, I feel confident that she understands the term "ghetto" and is very familiar with them. Although it doesn't sound like she's the one who initially used the term, I'd be okay with her doing so. She came across like she grew up, and/or hung out in a few ghetto's.


Okay, so now we black folks have ownership of the (European) word "ghetto"? Come on, people. White Americans have been adding our slang and our catch phrases to their vernacular for decades. And once they do they begin to twist it and reinterpret them in their own way. Big deal. I'm guessing two things : 1)Remini didn't mean to be racially insensitive when she dared used that "distasteful" word and 2)Remini was probably right why she was fired, but maybe not so right in regards to why Holly was fired. There's nothing to see here and definitely nothing to get upset over. And by the way based upon what little I do know about Remini I'm thinking it isn't too hard to believe that she probably took a few steps into actual ghettos during her life. Its almost unavoidable based upon where she grew up and some of the interests she supposedly had in her past. Just saying.

Miles Ellison

She wasn't fired for being too ghetto. She was fired because she wasn't ghetto enough. And if you prefer Cheryl Underwood's loud, country ass, you're part of the problem.


Cheryl Underwood is not loud and abrasive. She's LOUD AND ABRASIVE! I suspect that the two fired women (or contracts not renewed) were let go because of Q scores, focus groups or otherwise for rating purposes. I prefer The View but it's imitation, The Talk, is OK. I prefer Leno but Letterman is OK.


Julie Chen is never going to be fired from The Talk because her husband is the president of CBS as others have pointed out. I always felt Chen lacked personality. I was stunned that Holly was replaced by Sheryl Underwood because she's such a negative stereotype of a black woman. Underwood is a loudmouth and very aggressive. Holly is classy and professional. Sara Gilbert I heard is one of the producers of The Talk so they are not firing her anytime soon.

People talk about Holly and Leah not being "funny" but I notice their replacements seem to fit negative stereotypes.


Taken from wiki (cause I was lazy), GHETTO – A ghetto is a section of a city predominantly occupied by a group who live there, especially because of social, economic, or legal issues… Leah is from Bensonhurst…


I actually think the writer is the ignorant one. Leah said "ghetto" as the writer says, as in outspoken. Then the writer says "is being quite white?". So the writer is equating ghetto to black. Leah did not. Who said anything about black? Leah said ghetto. It's the writer that basically said ghetto = black. Who's the racist?


Holly should be acting anyway. That talkshow was a waste of her talents.


The truth is……Holly and Leah weren't a great fit for the show! It has nothing to do with being "ghetto"! Leah and Holly weren't a good fit. They weren't funny. Sheryl has made the show more enjoyable to watch with her loud, country, and funny comedic timing. The show has been renewed and is moving forward. I suggest that Leah does the same as well. Their is no need in crying over spilled milk. In this business you must keep going. Nothing is forever.


Wow, Holly, Ghetto, Right, That's crazy to say and Leah is from Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, but not Ghetto, Maybe too real for TV…..


That doesn't make any sense to me. Sharon was the most common and crass member of the panel, with her foul language and non sequiturs. Sharon may have had $$$, but she wasn't a producer.


I think we're having a crisis of vocabulary in American….For many non-Blacks, "Too Ghetto" actually means "TOO BLACK" as in too aligned with the beliefs, ethics, perspectives, shared experiences and communicative methods/means of core Black American Culture.

WE (Black people) associate "too ghetto" with perceived lack of intelligence and economic status…THEY, HOWEVER, AS THEY KEEP PROVING OVER AND OVER AND OVER THIS ELECTION SEASON DO NOT SEE IT THAT WAY.

THIS IS OUR POST-COMMERCIAL HIP-HOP CULTURAL WAKE UP CALL #294,823,493… Pick up the phone black people and turn the channel on the damn remote!!!

Steve Harvey is often referred to as "ghetto" when he actually is just "country" as hell and proud like others of his migration/post-migration generation in the Black community. However, he's smart enough to survive in the TOTALLY white corporate co-opted radio business using a style that was THE ROOT of empowered/self-owned black radio between the 1940 and 1970s.

Holly Robinson has studied abroad and speaks French FLUENTLY (not just the lyrics to Lady Marmalade) but she's deemed "too ghetto"….Next Obama will be called a gansta rapper—TRUST!!
::setting my egg timer::

Leah is hood and proud…Cool people.. and if she called it, she's probably right. CAN'T WAIT TIL SHE GETS ON STEVE HARVEY TO SPILL THE T….Cause she and Steve are sooo cool…but then again, Sheryl U. works with Harvey too….AWwwwwww sookie sookie now….

IF ANYONE IS GHETTO…..Just saying, check Sharon Osbourne's pedigree/background/associations in Britain. What in the world would SHE know about ghetto in an American context??!?!? Perhaps some lackey told her that was a cute thing to say…..

Jayson Jay

I liked Holly. I can't stand that Aisha Tyler and her fake ass. Everythin out her mouth is "my people" this and "my people" that like she just dusted off her negro card.

Jayson Jay

White people, stop saying "ghetto".


I was never a big fan of Holly's, but she lost what little credibility she had as far as I'm concerned when she was a guest on Sharon Osborne's talk show and kissed her on the mouth in what was said to be a mockery of the big deal being made out of Madonna kissing some female around that time. It would be very ironic if Sharon was the reason she was fired. Anyhoo, that's my two cents. I never understood the popularity of these types of shows. I only watch when I happen to catch a celebrity that i like while channel surfing.


In Remini's defense, she's from the hood just not one within the Black community. That's being said, I think they were prettier, both spoke up for themselves, and didn't take a back seat to Osborne, which may be Osborne's definition of "ghetto". Either way, the show is horrible without them.


They were fired for being better looking than the rest of those fake view hosts. Some women are very catty.


I think she quoted Sharon Osbourne as calling them both" ghetto" She didn't say it, Sharon Osbourne said it. FWIW.

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