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HotDocs 2012 Preview – “Herman’s House” (Falsely Imprisoned Black Panther Collabs On Art Project)

HotDocs 2012 Preview - "Herman's House" (Falsely Imprisoned Black Panther Collabs On Art Project)

This looks interesting to me. 

Scheduled to screen at the HotDocs Film Festival beginning April 26, and directed by Angad Singh Bhalla, the synopsis for Herman’s House reads:

Once a slave-breeding estate and now known as the Alcatraz of the South, Angola prison sprawls over 18,000 Louisiana acres and houses over 5,000 prisoners. For almost 40 years Herman Wallace, a Black Panther member falsely convicted of murdering a prison guard, has been kept in a tiny cell in solitary confinement. In 2001, when young artist and activist Jackie Sumell asked him to collaborate on an art project by imagining his ideal house, it was the beginning of an extraordinary friendship and a journey into the racialized brutality of the American justice system. Shot over five years, the film follows Jackie and Herman—whose voice we hear only by phone—as they plan the house for an exhibition in NYC, the exhibition’s successful opening and Jackie’s trip to a post-Katrina Louisiana where Herman’s sister, his lawyer and released Black Panther members bear witness to an extraordinary survivor of injustice.

Interesting, right? There’s a much longer synopsis on the film’s website which you can access HERE, along with links to its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here’s the trailer:

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@CareyCarey Oh, I completely agree. Good points made in general. About the doc, it's just something I can't wrap my mind around but at the same time it makes me sick to my stomach. This is a very intriguing subject and I'm going to try to keep up with it.


WOW! Now THIS is what I am talking about. This deserves deep and lasting discussion. I mean the whole premise is huge. Think about it, Mr. Herman Wallace is housed at a facility that once was a SLAVE-BREEDING estate! 18,000 ACRES! How ironic is it that now this same A-merry-ca still has laws that allows those with skin pigment disorders to continue to reap rewards off enslaved people of color. Yes, penal institutions are a business. Anyway, I've been in solitary confinement and it's NO JOKE! Yet, I understand what Mr. Wallace was saying when he said these words "I am use to it… and that's one of the bad things about it". Damn, I wonder how many people really understand what he's feeling? I said all of that to say this post received 2 comments (3:20PM March 30, 2012) yet we spend countless hours discussing frivolous BS like what some white kids thought about a fictional character in a damn film. While other black folks believe it's tantamount to our forward progression to berate Tyler Perry for days on end. Side note: What does a person do when there's nothing to do and no one around? wow… so many questions and so many lessons. This Doc is a must see.


Now how about a COINTELPRO CONDO for Michael Steele?

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