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Hugh Jackman Serves Up A Much Better Look At Jean Valjean In ‘Les Miserables’

Hugh Jackman Serves Up A Much Better Look At Jean Valjean In 'Les Miserables'

While the paparazzi have been the first to capture snaps of Hugh Jackman playing the convict Jean Valjean in Tom Hooper‘s Oscar-bait musical “Les Miserables,” the actor has decided to best them all by sending out the best look at his character so far.

The actor hit Twitter yesterday afternoon (via ComingSoon), and provided a crisp image of his character, but also teased that he’d be visiting the costume department for a new wardrobe soon: “Very excited about how the first days of filming are going!! Check out my convict look…but its changing soon,” he said. And while the real make-or-break of this movie will be the singing — which is being recorded live, always a riskier approach — it seems the actor’s pipes are in full effect.

Granted, it’s not much, but thanks to helpful reader Candyman, we’ve been alerted to a set video that features Jackman singing…kind of (and you’ll have to listen over the sounds of traffic and the rat-a-tat of camera clicks from the bank of photographers taking pictures). We’re sure savvier readers (or those at least familiar with the source material, which this writer isn’t) will tell us what scene this is, but check it out below. “Les Miserables” opens on December 14th.

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"Jean valjean is nothing now, another story must begin!"


The beard is now gone – Hugh tweets a photo eating a burger.

Hugh Jackman @RealHughJackman
And yes, the convict beard and hair are gone. Got to shave it off last night!

Hugh Jackman ‏ @RealHughJackman
Awesome burger at Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Portsmouth last night. After no carbs for ages…heaven!!/RealHughJackman


Is there even such a thing as an "Oscar-bait musical?" Seems like an oxymoron to me.


"We have to go back!!"……oh wait wrong actor.


I'm sorry, I have no idea how this works- how are they actually capturing his voice if there's so much noise around him and the big mic is so far away? I don't know how anything on a film set works- I just like movies so sorry if this question seems really really stupid. Does he have a special mic on?


He's singing the last word of "Valjean's Soliloquy" where he tears up his "ticket of leave" and decides to change his life because of the kindly bishop. This is probably the last scene where we'll see him as a prisoner.

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